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Google Meet expands video calls with 1,080p resolution for group meetings

Google Meet expands video calls with 1,080p resolution for group meetings

Google Meet expands video calls with 1,080p resolution for group meetings

Google has announced the integration of 1,080p video resolution for group video calls with three or more participants through Google Meet, available for users subscribed to Google Workspace and Enterprise.

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The technology giant announced the arrival of 1,080p video quality for video calls on Google Meet last April, when it made this feature available to premium accounts, that is, for Google Workspace and Google One users, among others.

Now, Google has expanded video resolution to 1,080p for group calls on Google Meetallowing users attending meetings with three or more participants to configure this higher resolution in order to obtain a Better display quality during video call.

To activate Full HD you must enter the Google Meet settings. (Google/)

Likewise, as detailed by Google in a statement on its blog, the 1080p resolution is available for web version of the application and will only work on computers with a camera capable of supporting this Full HD quality.

Additionally, the 1,080p resolution option will be disabled by defaultso users must activate it through the settings menu or through a popup notification that will appear on devices with compatible cameras before entering a meeting.

Google has also warned that 1,080p quality will only be appreciated when set the user enabled with this resolution on a screen “large enough to represent 1,080p video transmission.”

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Following this line, when using the highest resolution the devices also will need to use additional bandwidth to be able to send the video with 1,080p. For this reason, Google has detailed that Meet “will automatically adjust the resolution” in case the device does not have the necessary bandwidth.

As with individual meetings, this option has only been launched for users who subscribe to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Workspace Individual. Hence It is not available through personal Google accounts.

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