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It will now be possible to create images generated by AI from the Google search engine

It will now be possible to create images generated by AI from the Google search engine

It will now be possible to create images generated by AI from the Google search engine

Google has begun testing a new function with which it introduces images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and draft text as a starting point on a topic, directly in search results.

The tech giant continues to work to improve the search experience, in this case, through the incorporation of generative AI capabilities into search results. With this, the company aims to offer results that can satisfy the needs of users and bring their ideas to life.

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In this sense, Google has introduced the option to create images for search results with its generative search experience (SGE) powered by AIin order to facilitate situations in which the user is looking for a specific image but “can’t find exactly what they have in mind.”

This was explained by the company through a statement on its blog, where it indicated that, through this function, users will also be able to visualize their ideas through images.

Specifically, to get AI-generated images in Google search results, Users will only have to enter a brief description of the desired image in the search bar. As a result, the SGE will provide four different images generated according to the data entered.

Likewise, by clicking on any of these images, An ‘Edit’ option will be enabled, with which users will be able to add more details to the description until they reach the image they had in mind. For example, introducing changes to the background or the environment of the image.

In addition to all this, Google has detailed that it is also testing an option to create AI-generated images directly from the Google Images tab.. It is a tool that, according to the company, is designed to appear when users search for inspiration.

That is, when carrying out a search for, for example, decoration for a room, the ‘Create something new’ option will appear among the image results. By clicking on this tool, other images will be generated with AI that could be of inspiration to users.


The technology company has stressed that they are aware that AI “can open up new and exciting possibilities”, however, it has also highlighted the need to use this generative technology “in a responsible manner”.

For this reason, Google has detailed that, for this function in tests, they are incorporating security measures and blocking the creation of images that go against their policy of prohibited use of generative AI. This policy refers to harmful, violent and misleading content.

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One of these security measures is the introduction of metadata tags and watermarks on images generated through SGE, to indicate that they are content created by AI.

Likewise, The company will soon incorporate the ‘About this image’ tool to introduce context so that users can easily differentiate whether it is a real image or generated by AI.


On the other hand, Google is also testing a function that generates a draft of text through search results with SGE, with the aim of facilitating research searches or to provide inspiration when writing a text.

As the technology company has explained, this option is designed to help the user with “longer duration” searches in the case of research for projects, where they normally have to navigate through many pages and informative texts.

Likewise, the result in draft form is also designed to offer inspiration and ideas on how to start writing a text related to a specific topic.

Additionally, this tool allows the user to personalize the draft by changing the tone of the text to be, for example, “more informal” or shortening it to be more concise. You can even easily export it to a Google Docs document or Gmail and finish writing the text.

At this time, the ability to generate images in search results and draft text is available in English for those users who participate in the SGE experiment in the United States and are of legal age.

Source: Elcomercio

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