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Images created with AI will begin to be tagged in Meta networks

The technology giant Goal announced this Tuesday that in “the coming months it will begin” to label images generated with intelligence (AI) on its Facebook, Instagram and Threads networks.

In a statement, President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg notes that Meta is working with other companies in the industry on common technical standards for identifying AI content, including video and audio.

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“We are building industry-leading tools that can identify invisible markers so we can tag images from Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney and Shutterstock,” Clegg highlighted.

Users can also use Meta AI to create photorealistic images using text. However, the company notes that they emphasize that AI has been involved in some process of creating the image with visible markers that can be seen on the images and invisible watermarks and metadata embedded in the image files.

On Monday, the Meta Oversight Board supported allowing a manipulated video of US President Joe Biden, which came to light this January, to remain on its networks.

This video uses real footage of Biden placing an “I Voted” sticker on his adult granddaughter’s chest, which was filmed in October 2022, but the editing repeats the moment Biden’s hand approaches her chest. his granddaughter to make it appear that he touched her inappropriately.

“Facebook’s post does not violate Meta’s Manipulated Media policy, which applies only to AI-created videos and content that shows people saying things they didn’t say. Since the video in this post was not modified using AI and shows President Biden doing something he did not do (not something he did not say), it does not violate existing policy,” the board notes in a statement.

Furthermore, the board highlights that the alteration of this video is obvious and therefore unlikely to mislead the “average user” about its authenticity.

“However, the Board is concerned about the Manipulated Media policy in its current form, finding it incoherent, lacking persuasive justification, and inappropriately focused on how the content has been created, rather than what specific harms it is intended to prevent (e.g., to electoral processes). Meta should reconsider this policy quickly, given the number of elections in 2024″, he adds.

At the end of January, social networks such as X, Instagram and Threads chose to suppress searches for “Taylor Swift artificial intelligence (AI)” after the leak of fake sexual images of the American singer possibly created with AI.

With the popularity of generative AI, more and more ‘deepfakes’ are circulating on the Internet that use the faces of celebrities for scams spread on social networks: some of the targets have been the YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson and has more of 237 million followers, or the award-winning actor Tom Hanks.

Source: Elcomercio

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