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He came across a dinosaur bone while walking his dog.

Great find. It was while walking the dog, like every morning before going to work, that Damien Boschetto, a resident of Montoulier (Herault) and an archaeologist in his spare time, came across a bone. A bone that was uncovered by a recent landslide and appears to be linked to many others, forming the skeleton of a dinosaur about ten meters long that died almost 70 million years ago in the Upper Cretaceous period.

It must be said that this region, Saint-Chinian, northwest of Béziers, is rich in prehistoric bones and remnants of the past. This is evidenced by the collection of the Crusie Museum, which has been managed since 1975 by Francis Page and volunteers from the Association for Archaeological and Paleontological Culture. “What is very rare is that it is a complete dinosaur, that is, without any missing parts from the back of the skull to the tail,” explains Damien Boschetto.

So rare that the find was kept secret for two years to avoid looting until the skeleton was repatriated to the museum’s laboratory a few weeks ago. “For this to be the case, it means that the animal was quickly covered after its death, avoiding any dispersal by scavengers,” adds the 25-year-old discoverer, who has decided to make his passion his future job. He left his job in the energy sector to pursue a master’s degree in paleontology. The topic of his dissertation has already been found: Montulier’s dinosaur.

Source: Le Parisien

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