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A thief wanted to rob two retirees, fired his gun by mistake and killed himself

A thief tried this Sunday to assault a retired couple in Villa Bosch, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Tres de Febrero, in Argentina. The robbery ended in tragedy for the criminal, who accidentally fired the weapon he used to rob and died.

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According to local news portals, the incident occurred at one in the morning, when the couple was returning home in a Ford Focus. At the time when they were about to enter their home, on Calle 17 de Agosto at 1600, the couple – aged 79 and 78 – were approached by two thieves who they had hidden in the front yard of the house.

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The assault led to a struggle between the retiree and one of the criminals, who began to hit the man’s head with his gun butts until the gun accidentally fired. Y the thief ended up with a bullet in his left leg.

Immediately afterwards, the two criminals fled, but after traveling about 70 meters, the gunned-down criminal collapsed on the road and died. The accomplice, until now, remains a fugitive.

Members of the Villa Bosch police station and the Tres de Febrero Patrol Command were present at the scene. According to local news portals, the experts of the San Martín Delegation of the Scientific Police determined that the offender died because the bullet he severed his femoral artery.

The police officers found at the scene of the event a 40-caliber Llama model Max pistol and a backpack inside which was a Smith & Wesson 32-caliber long revolver. In the front yard of the victims’ house, an unnumbered Rexio 12/70 caliber shotgun was also found, loaded with two cartridges with rubber bullets and three with ammunition.

Meanwhile, the retired pensioner had to be treated for the injuries he received as a result of the struggle with the offender. After the cures, he is out of danger, as reported.

The case was labeled “homicide and aggravated robbery due to the use of an attempted firearm” and the investigation is headed by prosecutor Fabricio Donato Ióvine, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 1 of San Martín.


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Source: Elcomercio

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