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They find nine bodies in a clandestine grave used by a capo of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico

At least nine bodies have appeared in recent days in a clandestine grave apparently used by a capo of the Sinaloa cartel in the northern state Mexican of Nuevo León, according to what the authorities reported on Monday.

“Since last January 26, 2022, the execution of the inspection of the property requested by an Investigating Public Ministry Agent attached to the Specialized Investigation Unit in Criminal Groups has been carried out,” specified a statement from the Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office.

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The land where the forensic experts work is located in the Unión de Colonos Benito Juárez neighborhood, in the municipality of Escobedo, which is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León.

“Upon arrival at the property, an inspection was carried out by elements of the Institute of Criminalistics and Expert Services, where areas with disturbed earth were located, proceeding to carry out excavations.”, added the official text.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported this Monday that a total of nine bodies have been recovered to date on that land, as well as firearm casings, “clothes, shoes, tennis shoes, boots and fragments of cloth.”

The official report highlighted that some of the bodies found were killed by gunshots, others asphyxiated, and several more with blows that caused “deep skull concussion.”

The land is located next to a soccer field and is currently guarded by soldiers from the National Guard, agents from the Nuevo León State Investigation Agency, and members of the state police.

The authorities located the land after the capture on January 19 of Alan “el Cano” Ervey, alleged leader of the Sinaloa cartel in the region, according to the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office.

Ervey, 35, faces arrest warrants for the crimes of kidnapping and homicide.

In addition, he is identified as allegedly responsible for a wave of violence that has hit Monterrey, the second most populous city in Mexico, in recent months.

The State Prosecutor’s Office also reported the arrest this Wednesday of seven of his alleged accomplices in the municipalities of San Nicolás de los Garza and Apodaca, where the operation left two alleged assassins dead.

Authorities also seized an unspecified number of drug doses and weapons.

Violence in the Monterrey metropolitan area has increased since last year as the Sinaloa cartel tries to regain control of the state of Nuevo León, which is disputed against the Northeast cartel (CDN) and the Gulf cartel (CDG). ).


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