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Johnson will express to Zelensky on a visit to Ukraine support for his “sovereignty”

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, He will travel to Ukraine on Tuesday to meet with the president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to whom he will transfer the United Kingdom’s support for the “sovereignty” of his country, Downing Street advanced today.

Johnson had scheduled a phone conversation for Monday afternoon with Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, his official office said in a statement late at night that the prime minister now expects to speak with Putin during “this week.”

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The British Government has also announced a new allocation of 88 million pounds (105 million euros) to contribute to “stable governance” in Ukraine, move towards the “energy independence” of that country and reduce its need to import energy from Russia. .

Johnson was scheduled to travel to Ukraine accompanied by his foreign minister, Liz Truss, at the start of a week that Downing Street describes as “important for diplomacy.”

The head of the Foreign Office, however, announced on Twitter tonight that she has tested positive for coronavirus, for which she is obliged to remain isolated.

“It is the right of all Ukrainians to determine how they are governed. As a friend and democratic partner, the UK will continue to support Ukraine’s sovereignty against those who want to destroy it.”, affirmed the prime minister in the note released by his official office.

“We urge Russia to step back and engage in dialogue to find a diplomatic solution and avoid further bloodshed,” Johnson added.

The British president and the Ukrainian president met in person for the last time in October 2020, in London, and spoke again on January 13.

Parallel to these diplomatic contacts, the British government is in talks with NATO officials to increase its military deployment in Eastern Europe.

The Executive has advanced that it plans to double the 900 troops it has in Estonia, as well as send fighters and military ships to the area.


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