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Russian Fighter Jets Move to Belarus as US Troops Arrive in Poland

Russia has transferred an unknown number of fighters to military airfields in Belarus for a military maneuver scheduled for the next few days in the country, as reported by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow.

The aircraft, of the Sukhoi Su-25SM type, have traveled a distance of more than 7,000 kilometers from the Russian territory of Primorsky, in the east of the country, to the Belarusian region of Brest, in the west of the country and on the border with Ukraine, according to The Russian Defense Ministry explained in a statement.

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Added to this movement are the maneuvers in Belarus, where Moscow and Minsk will carry out military exercises for ten days, from February 10 to 20, in full tension with Europe due to the repercussions for European security of the crisis in Ukraine.

Some 13,000 soldiers and another 3,500 paratroopers, as well as 800 battle tanks and armored vehicles, are expected to participate in the exercises along the southern border, including the border with Ukraine.


Meanwhile, this Saturday the first US military contingent for the reinforcement of NATO positions in Europe landed in Poland, within a deployment conceived as a force in principle unrelated to the current tension in Ukraine over the accumulation of troops Russians at the border.

Polish military spokesman Przemyslaw Lipczynski has confirmed to the official PAP news agency the arrival on Saturday morning of a Beechcraft C-12 Huron plane at Jasionka airport, in southeastern Poland, near Ukraine.

This Sunday the arrival of the main contingent of additional US soldiers for Poland, a total of 1,700 troops, is expected.

Another 300 will be sent to Germany, while 1,000 US soldiers currently stationed there will be transferred to Romania.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had said the purpose of the deployment is to support allies, but made it clear those troops would not stay in the region forever or fight in Ukraine.

The United States had already put 8,500 troops on notice in case the Alliance needed a rapid deployment, although for now everything will be done in accordance with bilateral agreements, according to Kirby, who has wanted to separate both initiatives.


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