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The Czech millionaire who drove his Bugatti Chiron at 417 km / h in Germany is investigated by the prosecution

A prosecutor’s office Germany investigates a Czech millionaire for driving at a speed of 417 km/h on a motorway between Berlin and Hanover and for filming himself at that breakneck speed.

In Germany it is “recommended” not to exceed 130 km/h on the highway, but the Czech millionaire Radim Passer crossed the limits by filming in 2021, during the day, at 417 km / h, behind the wheel of a car Bugatti Chiron on the motorway between Berlin and Hanover.

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passer sent a video by Youtube in mid-January saying that “many people asked us to share unedited images.”

“We thank God for the safety and good conditions that made it easy for us to reach the speed of 417 km/h”, he proudly stated in the video.

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“Visibility was good and the car has braking capabilities that make it possible” to reach that speed, he added.

The video, viewed more than nine million times on Youtube, caught the attention of the authorities.

The public prosecutor’s office in Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt) launched an investigation on Monday for a prohibited “individual” race, a crime held when a motorist, according to the criminal code, “moves at an inappropriate speed and recklessly and contrary to the highway code ”.

In a country attached to the absence of speed limits on highways, the video provoked criticism and generated debate about the imposition of possible speed limits.

The Minister of Transport, the liberal Volker Wissing, condemned the millionaire’s attitude at the wheel to the press.

The Minister-President of Lower Saxony, the Social Democrat Stephan Weil, advocates the establishment of a limitation.


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