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This is how Wordle saved an 80-year-old woman from kidnapping in the United States

A game that has become a global trend, wordlehas been the key to rescuing an 80-year-old woman who had been kidnapped in Chicago, U.S. That day Denyse Holt had not shared her score at the usual time and her daughter noticed it, it was something unusual in her daily routine.

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During the night of February 5, Holt was alone in her house when James H. Davis III He entered his house naked, carrying scissors in his hand. The 32-year-old man broke into the building after breaking a window, covered in cuts and blood, and did not hesitate to point his sharp weapon at the housewife.

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The kidnapping was unavoidable. Davis assured her victim that she would not harm him, but forced her to take a bath with him fully clothed and then locked her in the basement. “I thought I wouldn’t survive”, declared the woman to the local CBS station.

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Holt’s eldest daughter, Meredith Holt Caldwell, who lives in Seattle, realized something was wrong when her mother. That day, she did not send her daily score of wordle. Denyse was very punctual with this figure on a daily basis, his missing score was “baffling” for his daughter.

As is known, Wordle is a virtual game that consists of guessing a five-letter word a day in just six attempts. His popularity has skyrocketed since the beginning of the year. Millions of people play it daily. The New York Times even announced at the end of January that it had bought wordle for “undisclosed seven-figure price”. Other versions of the game have appeared around the world, in languages ​​ranging from German to Urdu.

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Meredith She knew that her mother never missed this part of her daily routine and faced with such atypical behavior, she decided to call the Chicago police. Agents went to Holt’s home on February 6 and discovered that she was being held hostage.

After the police entered, there was a one-hour confrontation between the officers and Davis. Ultimately, they decided to use a stun gun to incapacitate the attacker and rescue Holt. She was in a state of shock, but fortunately she had no injuries.

The police suspect that Davis suffers from a mental illness. She now faces charges including breaking and entering with a deadly weapon and aggravated kidnapping.

With information from AFP.

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Source: Elcomercio

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