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Álex Saab was an informant for the DEA, according to US court documents

alex saaba Colombian businessman linked to the president of Venezuela, Nicholas Madurowas secretly listed by the DEA as a cooperating source in 2018 and gave agents information about bribes he paid to Venezuelan officials, according to new court records unsealed Wednesday in the closely watched corruption case.

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The businessman Alex Saab lost almost 10 million dollars of his fortune as part of his cooperation agreement with the United Stateswhich included several meetings with US law enforcement in his native Colombia and elsewhere.

But nevertheless, was deactivated as a source after missing the deadline of May 30, 2019 to deliver.

  • They reveal that Álex Saab already delivered information to the US about the Maduro regime before his arrest
  • US Attorney’s Office asks to dismiss 7 of the 8 money laundering charges against Álex Saab
  • The United States offers US$10 million per partner of the supposed biggest figurehead of Maduro

Two months later, he was indicted in Miami federal court on charges of siphoning off millions from state contracts to build affordable housing for Venezuela’s socialist government.

The United States has described Saab as the main conduit for corruption in Venezuela, someone who reaped huge windfalls from dubious contracts to import food while millions of people in the South American nation starved. The Maduro regime considers him a diplomat who was kidnapped while on a humanitarian mission made more urgent by US sanctions.


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Source: Elcomercio

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