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Young Argentine tells why she did not fall for the “Tinder Scammer” deception

Simon Leviev’s name became known in Europe in 2019 after an extensive report by the Norwegian newspaper VG, but it was not until the Netflix documentary aired this year that he has been identified around the world as “The swindler of Tinder”, after three of his victims narrated for the cameras how he scammed them with the deception of the “dream gallant”.

LOOK: Simon Leviev, the “Tinder scammer” accused of stealing millions from several women he met on the dating app

The scam of Leviev It was recurrent: brazenly showing that he had money left over, always wrapped in a halo of mystery and then asking to borrow. After their identity was published, several victims have recounted how this scammer of Israeli nationality took their money, but some were saved, such as the Argentine Valeria Calpanchay, who had an appointment with him, but saw some warning signs that discouraged her.

Valeria, who has lived in Germany since 2018, told The Mirror that that same year she matched with Leviev in Tinder.

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“I had a Tinder account at the time, so I saw this guy named Simon, who looked handsome and traveled a lot. I also love to travel, I have been to many countries so I thought it would be lovely to meet up. I was curious”Valerie recalls.

The first thing that “The Tinder scammer” asked for was Valeria’s number to communicate via WhatsApp to coordinate the first date, although it happened “spontaneously”.

“Our date was very spontaneous and it happened a day after we matched (on Tinder). He had just finished work and he texted me if he was free to meet us. I think he sent a voicemail.” He said.

before meeting Leviev She thought that millionaires “aren’t flashing their money on Tinder,” that maybe he wasn’t who he said he was, but that she didn’t really have any serious suspicions about him and was curious what he really was like.

According to what he saw in Tinder, decided to meet him outside a hotel on one of Munich’s most luxurious streets, in an area of ​​designer shops. Then they walked to a cafe, but Leviev He didn’t like the menu and after a few minutes he suggested we go somewhere else.

“I remember we sat down for five minutes and then he suggested we go somewhere else because he didn’t like the menu. Then we walked to a fancy cigar store because he wanted to smoke one. After that we went to a mall, where we finally sat in a cafe, which also seemed like an expensive place.” Valeria recalled and started the date with “The Tinder scammer”.

red flags

The red flags (red flags) are those warning signs that, in the world of personal relationships, warn you that you should get away from that person for various reasons and Valeria in the only date she had with Simon Leviev identified several situations that discouraged her.

Valeria remembers him as a talkative guy, but that he liked to talk about himself, wanting to give the impression that he was a mysterious guy, even when she asked him where he was from, he refused to give a direct answer.

Another red flag was that he had two cell phones, he received strange calls during the appointment where he was discussing million dollar transactions in front of her. “Who talks about money in front of a stranger?”Valerie wondered.

“It was also weird for him to talk about other girls, saying they always send him pictures, he even showed me some. He would not trust someone who shows other girls private photos.”

The date lasted almost an hour, Valeria did not see anything extremely worrying in that first meeting, but she could not establish if Leviev was a genuine person or not. Later that night, the scammer sent her a WhatsApp message inviting her to a party.

“It was already very late and I was in my pajamas, so of course I didn’t feel like going. We had a little chat on WhatsApp, but he really didn’t feel like going and he said something like ‘I thought you were more spontaneous than that’.” Valeria ends and ends her story with Leviev.

Valeria read about “The Tinder scammer” in the press, recognized her date and was surprised because she found out who he was Leviev under the flashy clothes, but despite that initial shock “I knew there was something not so good about him, so it all made sense.”

He did not watch the Netflix documentary as soon as it was released, but waited until February 7, in part because he already knew firsthand the history and deceptive nature of the Tinder scammer.

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