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The crude story of the boy who killed his parents so as not to lose his PlayStation: “He told me I was lazy”

An alarming murder case has a Spain. A 15-year-old minor murdered his parents and his 10-year-old brother after an argument in which his mother threatened to take away his PlayStation.

The minor fired a shotgun and had the bodies at home for three daysuntil a relative alerted the authorities.

LOOK: Teenager killed his parents and his 10-year-old brother after arguing over his poor grades at school

In addition to the shocking case, the minor gave a cold testimony about how he decided to kill his parents and brother and how he carried out the crime.

The crime

The incident occurred last Tuesday, February 8, in the rural area of Elche20 kilometers from the city of Alicante, in Spainbut it was not until Friday the 11th when the authorities discovered the bodies.

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As revealed by the newspaper La Sexta, Spainthe teenager claimed that he argued with his mother for his poor grades. The woman threatened to take away his video game console until he got better at school.

He told me that I was lazy, that he was fine and that he was going to take off the console. I went up to my room, I started to think and I took the shotgun”, Said the minor, according to the aforementioned newspaper.

The crude recounted of the adolescent indicates that he went in search of the cartridge shotgun 12 caliber that his father used for hunting activities. Although the gun was locked, the key was visible to everyone.

According to the minor, he shot his mother while she was in the kitchen. He shot her in the back and then fired another shot.

Subsequently, he shot his brother, who tried to escape from the scene.

I shot my mother twice when she was in the kitchen. A shot in the back of her and then I finished her off. My brother tried to escape, but I went after him and caught him first.“, He said.

He also decided to kill his father, who was not at home: “I waited four or five hours for my father and shot him when he arrived.” he counted coldly.

He killed his mother with two shots, his brother with one and his father with three.according to the newspaper La Sexta.

Hiding the bodies

But the terrible crime of the 15-year-old minor did not end there, since He decided to hide the bodies of his family in the basement and try to continue with his normal life.

According to La Sexta, the minor told some of his friends that he had covid-19 and that is why he stayed at home, while hiding the bodies.

“I was left without knowing what to do and decided to take the bodies to the shed,” counted.

He had the bodies of his mother, father and brother hidden for three days, until finally an aunt, his mother’s sister, came to the house to ask about the whereabouts of the relatives.

“It was not until Friday afternoon that the teenager confessed the facts after a neighbor and a sister of his mother came to the house due to lack of news from the family. They were the ones who notified the authorities.”narrated the cited medium.

A police van takes the 15-year-old minor who killed his family in Elche to a juvenile center. (Photo: EFE).

The future of the minor

The minor was captured on Friday and gave his statement to the Police before the juvenile prosecutor’s office. He left the authorities in suspense due to the coldness of his story and “the level of detachment towards the victims.”

Now, remains in a center for minors. However, he will respond under the Minors’ Law, which does not establish a prison sentence but rather an internment measure.

According to La Sexta, he would have to remain hospitalized for five years and could have another three years of supervised release.

Measures such as courses and training programs would also be imposed.


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Source: Elcomercio

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