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Man who entered Justin Trudeau’s home with guns faces six years in prison

Justin Trudeau – Sean Kilpatrick / AP / SIPA

A prosecutor in Ottawa (Canada) requested six years in prison on Tuesday against a man who had broken into, in possession of several firearms, in the area where Justin Trudeau lives. On July 2, this Canadian army reservist smashed down the gate to the grounds of Rideau Hall with his pickup.

Armed with several rifles and dozens of ammunition, the 46-year-old man then walked towards the Prime Minister’s residence. The latter was absent at the time. The police had arrested the man without violence after having parleyed with him for an hour and a half.

He pleads guilty to eight counts

The suspect had explained that he planned to interrupt a press conference by Justin Trudeau to protest against a new law banning assault rifles. He also said he was sorry to have lost his business due to the coronavirus pandemic but not be able to obtain emergency government assistance. He assured that he did not intend to hurt anyone.

Even if there was nothing to prove that he wanted to kill the Prime Minister, the actions of the forty-something were “far from benign,” said the prosecutor on Tuesday. Initially prosecuted on 21 counts in July, the man eventually pleaded guilty to eight counts, including disturbing public order and carrying weapons. The judge reserved his decision until March 10.


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