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Police attacked by hundreds of people in Frankfurt

Roemerberg square in Frankfurt. – Michael Probst / AP / Sipa

Police in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, said on Sunday that police officers were attacked by a crowd of 500 to 800 on Saturday evening for no apparent reason. The violence began around 10:45 p.m., when people started throwing stones, bottles and eggs at a passing police car.

Very quickly, the clashes became violent, and a crowd of 500 to 800 people “not following the instructions regarding the coronavirus” found themselves assaulting the city’s main police station with eggs and bottles, he explained. police in a statement issued Sunday.

Nine people were arrested, but eight had to be released for lack of evidence, she said. This is the second evening of clashes with groups which appear to “spontaneously unite against the police,” Frankfurt Police Chief Gerhard Bereswil said, adding that such conduct could not be tolerated.


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