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England will eliminate the obligation to isolate for those infected with coronavirus

England will remove from next week all restrictions still in force against the covid-19including the obligation to isolate for those infected with the disease.

Downing Street -the office of the British Prime Minister- advanced this announcement that the head of the Government himself, Boris Johnsonwill formalize next week, in a strategy that has been criticized by many in the scientific community for the risk of triggering the transmission of the virus.

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Government British noted in a statement that thanks to the greater understanding of the virus and the successful vaccination campaign England “It can now move from government intervention to individual responsibility.”

“The covid It will not suddenly go away, and we need to learn to live with this virus and continue to protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms.”Johnson said, according to the memo.

In the Prime Minister’s view, his country “He has erected strong protections against this virus in the last two years through vaccination, testing, treatment and better scientific understanding of the virus.”

In this way, thanks to the number of people who have received the vaccine, “We are in a position to present our plan to coexist with the covid this week”, he added.

According to official data, almost 53 million people (91% of the population) have received a dose of the vaccine; another 49 million (85%), two; and 38 million already have the reinforcement puncture.

The Executive announced that the surveillance systems and contingency measures will be maintained to be used if needed, as well as a wide capacity for testing or vaccination programs to respond to new variants.

The conservative government recalled the “significant toll” that restrictions such as confinements have been imposed in the last two years, which have had consequences on the education of the little ones or the mental health of the population.

“Public responsibility and awareness of public health guidelines should remain, as is the case with all infectious diseases, such as the flu,” underlined note.

In the announcement that Johnson will make next week -a priori on Monday-, it is expected that he will focus the new strategy on the elimination of all restrictions, the protection of the vulnerable with pharmacological interventions and tests, monitoring the appearance of new variants and consolidating innovations brought by the response to the covid.

According to the Office for National Statistics, one in 20 people in England was infected with the coronavirus last week.

The Labor opposition has received skepticism Johnson’s announcement that he intends, in his opinion, to hide the Prime Minister’s problems due to the parties that were held in Downing Street during the pandemic.

Labor Health spokesman Wes Streeting accused Johnson of “Sing victory before the war is over.”

The regional authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must decide whether to follow the example of England and eliminate the restrictions, although the Welsh Minister of Health has already criticized the possible measure -not yet confirmed- to stop providing antigen tests Free to the general population.


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Source: Elcomercio

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