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Uproar in Brazil over sexist comment by deputy on Ukrainian women

A Brazilian deputy who traveled to Ukraine to follow up on the conflict in that country generated a wave of criticism in Brazil this Friday after the leak of an audio in which he allegedly states that Ukrainian women are “easy” why are “poor”.

In some audios, leaked by the Brazilian press and attributed to deputy Arthur doValpre-candidate for Governor of Sao Paulo for the right-wing Podemos party, the legislator expresses that Ukrainian women are “easy because they are poor”, in addition to other statements of sexist overtones.

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The statements generated a barrage of criticism and, in addition, led to the opening of an internal disciplinary procedure at the party leadership to verify the facts.

In a note, Podemos repudiated “vehement” and qualified as “very serious and unacceptable” the deputy’s statements, for which he determined the opening of a disciplinary investigation.

“This is not just about the total disrespect towards women, whether Ukrainian or from any other country, but about profound violations related to humanitarian issues at a time when these people are facing the horrors of war,” said the president of Podemos, Renata Abreu.

The former Minister of Justice and candidate for the Presidency of Brazil for Podemos, Sergio Moro, also repudiated the “serious statements of the deputy Arthur doVal”, which he described as “unacceptable in any context”.

“I will never share prejudiced points of view, which can even be configured as a crime”, highlighted the candidate in a note.

Moro also expressed his respect for women, especially Ukrainian women, and assured that he would never support “people with that kind of opinion and behavior.”

Arthur doVal I travel to Ukraine on February 28 to follow up on the conflict after the Russian invasion of that country and, according to his press office, he has not yet commented on his statements because he is back in Brazil.

In the leaked messages, the deputy allegedly describes Ukrainian women as “goddesses”, compares the lines of refugees with those of the discos in Brazil and declares that he will return to Ukraine “As soon as this war is over”, among other statements.


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Source: Elcomercio

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