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A pokeball and a Squirtle, the nice gift from the Foreign Minister of Japan to Gabriel Boric

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of JapanKiyoshi Odawara, gave this Thursday to the president-elect of ChileGabriel Boric, a pokeball and a Squirtle plush toy in a nice diplomatic gesture and a nod to his youth.

“Thank you very much!” he said. borik after receiving the gifts in a hall of the Municipality of Santiago where both authorities held a meeting prior to the investiture on Friday.

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The future ruler, who at just 36 years old will be the youngest in the history of Chile, has stated on occasion that he is a fan of the Japanese animated series.

A few months ago, and after a question from a Twitter user about her favorite Pokémon, the former student leader replied with the following message: “Squirtle always”.

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The Japanese foreign minister is one of the 16 representatives with whom he will meet borik before he assumes the presidency on Friday Chile in a solemn act in Congress, located in the coastal city of Valparaíso.

He will also hold meetings with the King of Spain, Felipe VI, and different Latin American leaders such as that of Peru, Pedro Castillo; Bolivia, Luis Arce; Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou; Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, or Paraguay, Mario Abdo, among others.

On behalf of Mexico, Beatriz Gutiérrez, wife of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; for Brazil, Vice President Hamilton Mourao, and for the United States, Isabella Casillas, in charge of Small Business.

The international delegations will then make a formal greeting to the outgoing president, the conservative Sebastián Piñera, and later they will attend a dinner offered by him at La Moneda Palace.

A defender of the constituent process in which the country is immersed and a staunch critic of the neoliberal model installed during the military regime (1973-1990), the former student leader wants to expand the role of the State towards a welfare model similar to that of Europe.

She will also head a feminist government with 14 women and 10 men, where the person who will have the most power within the future cabinet will be the independent doctor Izkia Siches, the first woman to hold the position of Minister of the Interior in Chile.

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