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Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Kamikaze Drones, Stingers, Javelin: The Real Power of New US Weapons for Ukraine

United States said on Wednesday that he would give Ukraine long-range defense missiles and Switchblade armed drones, allowing kyiv forces to better defend against Russian aircraft and shield from a distance.

The new weapons and equipment that the American president, Joe Bidenannounced for Ukraine include:

Long-range S-300 defense missiles

Ukraine it has had the ability to shoot down Russian planes and intercept missiles relatively close to the headquarters. Washington is preparing everything for the acquisition of systems capable of hitting attacking planes from much further away.

According to a military source, these are the Russian/Soviet-made S-300 systems which, like the American Patriot system, are missiles that have a fully autonomous ground unit with a radar missile launcher that can detect, track and fire at multiple aerial threats at long ranges.

The Ukrainians already know how to operate the S-300and the United States together with several NATO countries have systems or components to provide Ukraine.

‘Kamikaze drones’

Washington to send 100 drones to Ukraine switch blade camera-equipped, remotely controlled flying bombs that can be directed by an operator to find and engage targets, exploding on contact.

So-called “kamikaze drones” can extend the attack range on Russian vehicles and units beyond the user’s view. This gives them an advantage over the heat-guided missiles Ukraine has used against Russian tanks.

Stinger: With this type of conventional weapons, the Ukrainian Army seems to be stopping, or at least slowing down, the advance of Vladimir Putin's invading troops.  (Credit: Russia Beyond Military Zone).

anti-aircraft stingers

The United States is also delivering 800 more Stingers, shoulder-loaded infrared anti-aircraft missiles. It’s a weapon the Americans provided to Afghan fighters in the 1990s to shoot down Russian helicopters. The Ukrainians have used them effectively against slower, low-flying Russian helicopters and fixed-wing attack aircraft.

A US soldier carries a Javelin surface-to-air missile launcher during a joint exercise between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led international coalition against the Islamic State group.  (Delil souleiman / AFP).

‘The Holy Javelin’

Western allies have already provided the Ukrainian army with some 17,000 light, shoulder-launched, self-guiding missiles, which have become the weapon of choice in ground warfare. They have been used to great effect to destroy armored vehicles at close range.

Among these, the American Javelin has become legendary for its effectiveness, with a dual charge designed to defeat Russian anti-missile defense tanks. A popular Ukrainian song exalts her and now she has become the “Holy Javelin”, the viral meme of a kind of religious virgin cradling the gun.

Biden has said he will send 2,000 more Javelin missiles to Ukraine.

Weapons, ammunition and armor

The new US weapons also include another 7,000 anti-armor weapons, thousands of machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers, 20 million rounds of small arms ammunition that conform to Russian and NATO standards, and 25,000 sets of bulletproof vests and helmets.


Source: Elcomercio

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