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The huge number of missiles that Russia has launched against Ukraine since the start of the war

Russia has launched more than 1,100 missiles in Ukraine since the beginning of its invasion on February 24, a high-ranking official from the Department of Defense of United Stateswhich has not been able to confirm the firing of hypersonic projectiles by Moscow.

In a call with journalists, the Pentagon official said that his country has not been able to verify the use of hypersonic missiles, although he did not rule out that it is possible.

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia claimed on Sunday that his forces had fired again Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to destroy “a large warehouse of fuel and lubricants” in the town of Konstantinovka, in southern Ukraine.

It would be the second confirmed use of the Kinzhal on Ukraine and in the world, than before Russia had only used during military tests.

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Kinzhal (Dagger in Russian) is a hypersonic missile high precision with a range of more than 2,000 kilometers and a speed ten times greater than the speed of sound.

The US official stressed that if these reports were true, “why would they (the russians) need to fire a hypersonic missile from not too far away to hit a building?”

He ventured that the use of this type of projectile could be because the Russians are running out of precision-guided munitions and have to resort to other types of weapons.

Police officers walk through the rubble of the Retroville shopping center, bombed this morning by Russia in kyiv. (THOMAS PETER REUTERS).

“Or it may be that they want to send a message to the West and also to Ukraine to get some kind of advantage at the negotiating table, but from a military perspective it is not very practical to use hypersonic missiles there,” highlighted.

The official added that at the moment Russia they are focusing on attacking eastern Ukraineboth the northeast and the south, rather than the west.


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