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Peruvian who fights for Ukraine: “I enlisted in the foreign legion for the murders of civilians” | VIDEO

César Pérez Farfán is a Peruvian ex-military who fought in the Vraem, then moved to Spain to fulfill his musical dream but decided to wear the uniform again to join the foreign legion and help Ukraine after the invasion of Russia.

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In an interview with Canal N, First Sergeant Cesar Perez Farfan He said that for security reasons he cannot reveal where he is.

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When asked about his motivation, Pérez Farfán explained that he felt outraged by the murders of children and civilians, in addition to the bombing of hospitals. “I left from Madrid (Spain) to the Ukraine to be able to enlist with the foreign legion”he recounted.

It took more than two and a half days to reach the base of YavorivWest of Ukraine. “We are waiting for orders because we wanted to reach the point of conflict in kyiv, but due to the control on the roads it is very difficult to access. There are even many citizens who are trying to get out.”he added.

The Peruvian also lamented the scarce resources that Ukraine has for foreigners. Many of us, British, French and more were very uncomfortable about the issue of lack of ammunition, vests and helmets. The lack of logistics, of order, of discipline, was what broke Yavoriv’s security base. Most had the AK-47 rifle, but they did not have the ammunition”he warned.

In the same way, he affirmed that many of the foreign legion deserted due to lack of water and food, reasons why he, a Colombian and a Bolivian had bad nights.

So far, Pérez says that what has helped the most is for people to cross the border into Poland. “The military in Poland is doing everything possible, there is a lot of attention for many countries that provide food, water and bed to the refugees”he added.

The first sergeant also said that for the moment his family is calm, because he communicates with them when he can. He previously worked at the VRAEM in Peru, but later traveled to Spain to pursue a musical career.

“I was doing my musical themes, I was also working on other things because life in Madrid is a bit difficult, but when I saw this from Ukraine I joined the army”commented.

About calling more soldiers in the world, Pérez Fárfan recommended thinking about it very well because the situation is complicated. “It is another field of terrain, it is not like the jungle, it is another type of confrontation. Russia has technology and power, what Ukraine needs is a lot of ground and air support. The advantage of Russia is that they attack with planes, the guys try to defend but there is a lot of support missing”, concluded.

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Source: Elcomercio

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