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They capture the moment in which they leave the body of Susana, the young woman who went to a job interview and never returned

A security camera captured the moment when a man is carrying a red wheelbarrow with sacks that he throws next to a post, where days later neighbors, cleaning personnel and police officers discovered the body of Susana, a young mother of a family who did not return to his house after leaving to look for a job in the Mexico state.

El Universal consulted with sources close to the investigation and confirmed that said video broadcast on Wednesday on networks corresponds to the case of Suzannemother of a family who was reported missing last week and whose body appeared inside a white raffia sack in the San Juan Bosco neighborhood.

The images captured by security cameras would have been from March 22, around 2:00 p.m. and would be one of the fundamental pieces of evidence analyzed by experts from the Prosecutor’s Office to verify the alleged responsibility of Javier, with whom Susana would meet to ask for a job cleaning.

The moment in which they leave Susana’s body.

The alleged murderer of Susana It would have been the man who hastily takes the red wheelbarrow, where he was loading two sacks apparently with garbage and throws them between two parked cars on a street in the San Juan Bosco neighborhood.

After throwing the sacks, the man wearing a cap, polo shirt and blue jean pants quickly leaves the site, in an action that took no more than five seconds.

“We thought it was garbage, but one of the sacks was leaking” and it began to stink, so they notified the local police and three days later it was reported that Inside one of them was the body of a woman, who was later identified as Susana.

Due to this femicide, authorities from the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Secretariat announced the arrest of Javier, the man with whom Suzanne would have interviewed for a cleaning job.

Source: Elcomercio

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