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New York prosecutor asks that Trump be declared in contempt and fined

The attorney general’s office New York asked a court to declare the former president of the United States in contempt donald trump for failing to comply with an order to produce documents as part of the investigation carried out by that office on his financial transactions and those of his company.

Lawyers for the Prosecutor’s Office filed the motion this Thursday in the Manhattan Supreme Court, headquarters of the Trump family company, with which it is also sought that Trump be fined $ 10,000 for each day that he continues to violate the court order. to deliver those documents.

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Trump He should have delivered the documents on March 31, as ordered by a court.

The Prosecutor’s Office recalls in the document that it has made the claim to the former president on eight occasions, after which he went to court in search of support.

“The judge’s order was very clear: Donald J Trump You must comply with our subpoena and deliver the relevant documents to my office.”State Attorney Letitia James said in a statement reporting the action taken today against the former president.

“Instead of obeying the court order, Trump he is trying to avoid her. We are seeking immediate court intervention because no one is above the law.”James stated.

The investigation of the public prosecutor tries to determine if the company of Trump he inflated the value of his assets in order to obtain bank loans and in parallel reduced that same value with the intention of paying less taxes.

Although it is a civil proceeding, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office also has a parallel criminal investigation open.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered on February 22 that Trump He will deliver the documents to the prosecutor’s office and it will be the one who decides if he declares him in contempt and orders him to pay a fine.

James recalled that Trump he was initially ordered to deliver by March 3, 2022, but the prosecution granted the former president’s request for additional time, thereby extending the date to March 31.

He also indicated that when the deadline expired, Trump He objected to the delivery of documents and assured that he would not respond to the prosecutor’s request “In violation of the judge’s order.”

Source: Elcomercio

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