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They bury the young Mexican Debanhi Escobar amid demands for justice

The family of Debanhi Escobarthe Mexican found dead in the northern state of New Lion After two weeks disappeared, he carried out the funeral of the young woman this Saturday between demands for justice for an alleged femicide, a case that the Prosecutor’s Office first investigated as an accident.

The funeral took place in the municipality of Galeana, in the south of the state, after a caravan of several hours that left the city of Monterrey, which was joined by hundreds of relatives, friends and activists with balloons and slogans against impunity.

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“We believed with all our hearts that we were going to find her alive, that we were going to find her, we were going to find her, but the days went by and the Prosecutor’s Office did its job wrong, they have not given me what belongs to me by law, all the folders ( of the case)”said the girl’s father, mario escobar.

In case of Debanhi18, has aroused national and international commotion due to the image that went viral of her abandoned on a highway on April 9 in the northern municipality of Escobedo, after leaving a party and taking a taxi, whose driver allegedly tried to abuse her. she.

It also caused outrage over the alleged flaws in the investigation by the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office, which first treated the case as an accident and later declared to the media that the main cause of the women’s disappearance was “rebellion” Y “lack of family communication”.

The father questioned at the funeral the version of the authorities, who found the body last Thursday in a cistern of a motel near the place where he was last seen.

“The Prosecutor’s Office wants to lie in a statement saying that he died of a bruise, a blow to the head, and it’s a lie, it’s a total lie”he asserted.

escobar He announced that he will show evidence of a video that shows the taxi driver touching his daughter’s breasts, so he should be considered the main suspect in the act.

Family and friends attend the funeral of Debanhi Escobar today, at the La Laguna pantheon, in the municipality of Galeana, state of Nuevo León (Mexico). (EFE/Antonio Ojeda/)

“Tell them that we are not going to remain silent, that this does not end here”he stated.

The family of Debanhi Escobar He had indicated this Saturday that he would demand a new autopsy due to his suspicions of sexual abuse.

After the wake in the city of Monterrey, the family and legal advisers affirmed this Saturday that “yes there was sexual abuse”, for which they accused the Prosecutor’s Office of “inconsistencies” if.

Feminist groups joined the ceremonies to fire Debanhiin addition to announcing mobilizations for this Sunday in Mexico City, where they will protest at the Monument of the Revolution and before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for the wave of women murdered in the country.

The case has been seen as an example of the double crisis of sexist violence and disappearances in Mexico, where more than 10 women are murdered a day and there are more than 99,000 people who have not been located since 1964, according to government figures.

So far this year, the state of Nuevo León alone has registered a wave of disappearances with at least thirty women still unaccounted for.

Source: Elcomercio

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