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British congressman investigated for watching pornography in full session of Parliament

a parliamentarian British of the Conservative Party is investigated for sexual misconduct, after being denounced for looking at pornography during sessions of Parliament and committee meetings.

The complaint reached Chris Heaton-Harrismember and leader of the conservatives, when he met with 14 women congressmen, who organized a meeting to talk about the sexism that exists in the vicinity of the Lower House, says La Nación.

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One of those present was the one who dared to denounce her partner after going through a terrible experience. Without disclosing the subject’s identity, she stated that one of her male colleagues viewed pornographic content on her cell phone in multiple sessions.

Together they called for a thorough investigation by sexual misconduct.

Heaton-Harris, responsible for ensuring the discipline of members of his party, said that he was examining the complaints about pornography. Through a statement, his office said that “This behavior is totally unacceptable and action will be taken.”

After what happened, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonnoted that “Sexual harassment is intolerable and should not be allowed to pass.”

“It is very correct that the members now have a procedure by which they can draw the attention of the highest authorities … and of course it is grounds for dismissal,” he added.

This would not be the only case where a parliamentarian spends his time in plenary looking at pornographic content; since at least 56 other congressmen would have been denounced for “sexual activities” of the same kind.

This list, presented to the Independent Complaints Scheme (ICGS), would include five ministers who make up the cabinet headed by Boris Johnson.

Sexism in Parliament

The pornography scandal joins the list of complaints that occur in the British Parliament. During the past week, a Sunday supplement of the Daily Mail‘Mail on Sunday’ sparked controversy after a Conservative Party lawmaker published a sexist article.

Under anonymity, this parliamentarian pointed out that the vice president of the opposition Labor Party, Angela Rayner, he tried to distract Johnson in Parliament by crossing and uncrossing his legs, in the same style as in the movie ‘Basic Instincts’.

After that, Rayner She said she felt “mortified” and noted that this type of sexism is experienced by female congressmen “every day.”

“The Mail hints today that I somehow enjoy being the subject of sexist slurs. It is not like this. They are mortifying and deeply hurtful.” declared.

Source: Elcomercio

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