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Global coronavirus cases rise after 2 months down, but deaths fall 21%

The global cases of coronavirus They increased 1% last week, the first rise since March, although deaths continue to decline and fell 21% in the seven days studied, said the epidemiological report of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The world confirmed 3.6 million cases of covid from May 9 to 15, and 9,800 deaths, so the pandemic drops below 10,000 weekly deaths for the first time since March 2020.

The rise in infections was caused by the 20% rise in positives in Europe (1.2 million last week) and 19% in South Asia (71,000).

Asia Pacific was once again the region with the most weekly cases, 1.3 million, although these fell 14% compared to the previous seven days, while in America, with 912,000 infections, the drop was 26%.

The regions with the most deaths were Europe (3,951, a decrease of 29%) and America (3,583, which represented a decrease of 16%).

The countries that reported the most cases last week were the United States (605,000, an increase of 33%), China (389,000, almost double) and Germany (376,000, 20% less).

In the accumulated almost two and a half years of the pandemic, there have been 520 million confirmed cases and 6.2 million deaths, although the real figures are higher due to the many unrecorded infections and deaths.

Source: Elcomercio

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