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Russia fired more missiles at Ukraine than any other country since WWII

Russia has fired more missiles in the war Ukraine than those used by another country in any other conflict since the WWIIa record that, according to experts and data obtained by Newsweek magazine, suggests that Moscow has failed in this offensive, says the US publication.

According to the magazine, the bombing campaign carried out by Russia has done little to help his president win the war, Vladimir Putin.

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“A total of “2,154 Russian missiles hit our cities and communities in just over two months,” the Ukrainian president said last week, Volodymyr Zelensky. “The Russian bombardment of Ukraine does not stop day or night,” she stressed.

This world record Russia in the accumulation of missile attacks also occurred when Zelensky announced that his country destroyed its 200th Russian plane, an embarrassing result for an air force that is 15 times the size of Ukraine’shighlights the publication, which has consulted experts and intelligence reports to prepare this article.

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The lack of success in this campaign, according to the sources consulted, is due to the Russia’s failure to exploit its overwhelming numerical advantage and Moscow’s misstep in failing to establish air superiority in the skies over Ukraine and declining supply of precision-guided weapons.

The Russians attacked airfields and air defense sites in the first two days, but in most cases did not follow up on these locations.

The small air force Ukraine it was largely on the ground, but kyiv was given a chance to adapt, especially in its dispersal of air defense missiles and, in particular, those fired by soldiers from the ground. This created what one expert in Newsweek calls “poor man’s air superiority.”

Later, threatened by Ukrainian SAMs (surface-to-air missiles), Russia used fewer and fewer bombers beyond its own army’s front lines, just over 10 percent of the total number of sorties made, according to US intelligence figures examined by Newsweek.

Long-range strikes against so-called “strategic targets” continued, but were carried out by a combination of land-, air-, and sea-launched missiles.

The attacking fighters and bombers, supplemented by land-based launchers, ships and submarines that also fired missiles, launched their weapons without ever entering Ukrainian airspace.

For the American magazine, The characteristics of this conflict will have consequences in the future, since it will make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of the different types of missiles or the control of the air by the air forces, among other things.

For now, an unintended consequence of the air war in Ukraine it is doubly disastrous for Moscow, experts insist: “Nobody who can afford otherwise will want to buy Russian weapons in the future. Russia is the second largest arms exporter in the world after the United States, and nothing in the course of the war bodes well for its future in this space.”

Source: Elcomercio

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