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“I got into trouble, dad, come get me!”: Jonathan, 14, left his home in Mexico and did not return

“I got into a problem dad, come get me!” Was the last message that 14-year-old Jonathan sent his father on Monday, May 30, the day he disappeared after he left the Valle neighborhood Golden heading to the Mexico City to buy a cap.

After that message, his parents did not know anything about their son, so they reported his disappearance before the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) and now they walk the streets of the minor’s journey from NaucalpanCuatro Caminos and the blue line of the Metro, as well as streets of the Historic Center of CDMX, where the boy issued his last message telephone.

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Jonathan Leocadio Crisantos he left school and then would go to buy a cap, on Monday, May 30, while his parents were at work. But he had some problem, so he asked his father to go get him at CDMX CenterWell, he was in trouble.

Now his mother, father and relatives place the photo and details of Jonathan on public transportation from Naucalpan, the Metro and streets where they think he disappeared.

The minor was wearing black polo shirt and pantsorange and black sneakers with lemon laces, he is 1.58 meters tall and has a light brown complexion, short black hair and brown eyes.

Source: Elcomercio

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