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Cuban mother meets with authorities after claiming better living conditions online

A mother cuban He attended the authorities’ appointment this Monday after denouncing on Facebook the high cost of electricity and the difficult living conditions on the island, in a video that went viral and generated controversy.

Amelia Calzadilla, 31 years old and mother of three, broadcast a live message on Facebook on Thursday, asking Cuban mothers to join her demands.

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Mother cuban that you get up in the morning like me, worried that they will turn off the light, that you don’t know what you are going to feed your children in the afternoon when they get home from school (…) I ask you, how much longer are you going to put up with ? Because I can’t take it anymore!” Calzadilla says in the video of more than eight minutes, which quickly went viral.

On Monday morning, accompanied by her husband and parents, the woman entered the government headquarters of the populous municipality of Cerro in Havana, where she was summoned.

Amelia Calzadilla (C) walks down a street in Havana after leaving the El Cerro mayor’s office, where she was summoned by the authorities after posting a video on her social networks denouncing shortages and alleged government failures. (YAMIL LAGE / AFP /)

Leaving his appearance, Calzadilla refused to speak to the press, but later sent a message. “The main reason for my direct (broadcast) is to let you know that I’m fine,” he said in a new live video.

In a much less demanding tone, he clarified that it was a meeting with authorities municipalities interested in attending to their claims. “No one questioned me, it was a face-to-face meeting, a debate,” she said.

On Sunday, Calzadilla reported that she had received a visit to her home from representatives of the ruling Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, the only one) and that she was summoned to testify on Monday. She even announced that she could be arrested and asked that her children not be affected.

In his original message, to which other Cuban mothers joined, he attacked the Cuban leaders.

“We don’t want to queue for chicken, which is shit, I don’t feed it; neither for puppies (sausages), nor for hash. We want to live with dignity, with decorum. Until when compadre?! ”, she questions, in addition to claim because of the high cost of electricity and because of the power outages that have affected the country for weeks.

“They tell us that they are going to put a heart, well, put a brain too!”, he adds, alluding to one of the mottos of the president’s government Miguel Diaz-Canel which reads: “Put a heart to Cuba”.

The state news portal Cubadebate said over the weekend that Calzadilla’s video “is a textbook example of what is called irritation management,” which consists of using problems such as scarcity and inflation to expose them “dramatizing their consequences” and “exacerbate irritation” of the population.

Source: Elcomercio

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