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They confirm that the body found in the town of Río Frío is that of Adriana Pinzón

The authorities confirmed the discovery of a lifeless body very close to Zipaquirá and it has already been reported that it is that of the psychologist Adriana Pinzón who disappeared last Tuesday, June 7 in that municipality of Cundinamarca under strange circumstances.

The Attorney General’s Office also confirmed the fact. “During investigative work, a body was located that, according to the first verifications, would be that of the psychologist reported missing.”

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A fingerprint comparison and other analyzes carried out by Legal Medicine reaffirmed that the body found by the Prosecutor’s Office and the CTI in the Río Frío village, in Zipaquirá, corresponds to the psychologist Adriana Pinzón. Delivery procedures and accompaniment to relatives are carried out.

The facts

Jonathan Torres had been silent, he was not crying. That was the phrase said by his defense attorney that most surprised him when he was asked about his client’s version, above all, because this man bears a serious accusation for the crimes of forced disappearance and aggravated homicide.

This is the name that resonated when talking about the disappearance of Adriana Pinzón, a successful psychologist, employee of an oil company, single and childless, whose whereabouts have not been known since June 7. She lived alone, in her apartment in Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca, where she never returned.

Torres had said that the last time he had seen her was at a dealership in Chía, since she had been helping him sell his vehicle since May, and that later she had taken an Uber service and he knew that far, but the truth is that after an arduous investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office it was found that something did not fit.

It didn’t take many days for a series of lurid images to be released. Videos from security cameras from the residential complex where Adriana Pinzón lived show that Torres entered the apartment around noon on June 7, 2022. Between 6 and 7:20 pm she left twice with her sister-in-law’s car. First, with a black backpack; then, with plastic bags that she carried with difficulty and that she left in the trunk.

It was also officially known that, during the inspection of the woman’s property, the forensic experts found traces of blood in a room and in other places. A woman who has always helped the family and who would have gone to the place to do the cleaning also confirmed to the family that she had found strange things such as mess, stains and toiletries outside her place.

Additionally, an acquaintance of the investigated approached the authorities and revealed that Torres Campos gave him the briefcase to keep, which had knives with stains, documents from the psychologist such as the driver’s license, among other elements. The biological samples are evaluated in the genetics laboratories of the CTI.

EL TIEMPO found out that this acquaintance is the brother of a woman with whom Torres had been unfaithful to his wife, Pilar Pinzón, with whom he had a son, and that he would be the one who notified the authorities about the backpack where he found two knives and personal documents of Adriana Pinzón smeared with blood. This family would also have been claiming Torres for the loan of one million pesos and because he broke a promise to take them to live in Villavicencio.

All this has aroused interest in knowing more about Torres’ past. This newspaper was able to establish that he is a native of the Llano, like his family, and that his childhood was not conventional. He has mentioned to his lawyer that he always felt that his mother did not love him and that his relationship with his family is not close, despite the fact that they were the ones who hired him.

Jimmy Narváez, his defender, had revealed to ELTIEMPO details of Torres’s past. This man was an active member of the Police and there he worked as an explosives expert and sniper. “He worked in red zones, he saw many people die. I don’t think his health is good. I think that a psychological examination will have to be done in the process, “said Narváez, who also said that his client, however, tried to lead a normal life with his wife and son, but that the relationship deteriorated, even with the father. of Pilar Pinzón, who on one occasion would have kicked him out of her house.

In fact, Torres insists that the reason why he went to talk to Adriana Pinzón at her apartment was to expose his marital problems and receive the advice of a professional, and that later they did go around the dealership, but this version has been dismissed by the prosecution.

In addition, Citynoticias revealed some audios in which the owner of the dealership affirms that the woman never set foot in his business. “We never saw the lady. Jonathan arrived about 9:15 in the morning and I see that she disappeared at 6″, he said.

The merchant assured that the deal could not be finalized that day because several documents were missing. “I had made a negotiation in which I delivered a car at a lower value and had to give a surplus. The next day he brought me the transfers signed by the lady, but in reality she did not sign them because they were dated June 10 (…). That’s when I realized they were fake, “he assured.

Other speculations have also lost weight, such as that behind the disappearance there was insurance involved or the money from the sale of a vehicle, or at least, according to Narváez, that has not been mentioned in the hearings.

When Torres was asked about the videos in which he is seen carrying black bags, he says that what he took out were blankets and cushions to prepare a space where he would house animals. HIt is necessary to mention that he worked in a veterinary that Adriana and Pilar had set up. They were members of the place.

This being the case, the tangle that keeps an entire family in suspense has not yet been unraveled, above all, because despite speculation there is no trace of the psychologist. Last week, information was leaked to the media that reported the appearance of the body of a woman in the village of San Jorge in the municipality of Zipaquirá, but the same family of the disappeared woman said that they had been in that place with the Cross. Roja and members of the CTI but carrying out search tasks with dogs. “This is a place where sometimes homeless people go, people who take drugs, there is a thick wooded area. It was about ruling out possibilities in the search for my sister,” said Sandra Pinzón. What is latent is the suffering of Adriana’s family. Of her, they say, there are only good memories of her.

This psychologist is a 42-year-old woman. She studied at Universidad Santo Tomás and did a specialization in Human Resources at the Externado. She works for an oil company called Sudamericanos Energy. yesShe was always an excellent student, one of the best. She received a scholarship for more than half of her career and in her postgraduate studies. In her professional and personal life she has always done very well.

He lived in the Santa Ana de Zipaquirá apartment complex. She recently lived there because the pandemic surprised her in a studio apartment in Bogotá. She had gone to live there for rent because of the traffic jams. That place was close to her company. When the restrictions were lifted, she gave up the place and returned to the apartment on her property in Zipaquirá. She wanted to be close to family.

She is the middle sister. The three, Sandra, Adriana and Pilar, say they are very close. “We walk together everywhere. The only thing that has separated us are labor issues. For example, there was a time when Adriana had a job opportunity in Bucaramanga and lived in that city for a while. She would come to greet us or my family would visit her, but we were always in contact,” Sandra said.

They say that Jonathan appeared in the family about six years ago, when he began a relationship with Pilar. They met at work, at a veterinary clinic in Chía. “I must say that my sister is a veterinarian, he is not, he is just like a technician. The truth is that they had a relationship and we welcomed him into the family.

He had earned the trust of the family. He was friendly and helpful. “Right now we are completely shocked. It’s a crazy thing. A family never expects something like this, less from someone to whom the doors of the home were opened. One never imagines that someone in the family is related to something like a disappearance.

About Pilar, Sandra says that she is very ill. “She doesn’t know what to think. She feels immense pain. She is our younger sister and the most pampered. My sister Adriana has always pampered her. She feels pain for her missing sister and for the father of her child.”

The search lasted many days. It is known that he will have to attend more proceedings with the Prosecutor’s Office. The last thing that was known is that she asked for a term of eight days to make decisions about the information that she is going to give.

“I have had two interviews with him. He says that he is not responsible for his disappearance, much less for killing his sister-in-law. I told him that if he told me everything that had happened, we could reach agreements with the Prosecutor’s Office, but he, however, confirmed that he is innocent despite having seen the force of the evidence. Now I think he is rethinking things in the face of pressure,” Narvaez said.

For now there is only one thing firm, there is hope on the part of his family. “My sister’s heart and the love I feel for Adriana will be our engine to continue looking for her.”

Source: Elcomercio

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