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The number of skeletal remains found in the house of the Atizapán serial femicide rises to 4,600

The number of skeletal remains located in the house of the serial femicide Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis amounted to a total of 4,600 skeletal remains, of which they could belong to 19 victims, 17 adult women, a child and a man, reported authorities of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

The older adult has already been sentenced to life imprisonment on February 22 for the femicide of a woman that occurred in May 2021 at her house located on Calle Margaritas in Lomas de San Miguel, which she turned into a clandestine grave.

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Andres Filomeno It also has three open processes for three more victims, whose complementary investigation closures end on July 1, July 30 and September 18, respectively.

In the search of the home of Andrés Filomeno, experts from the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office with the support of sniffer dogs and firefighters, located a total of 4,600 skeletal remains, of which they could belong to 19 victims, 17 adult women, 1 infant and 1 man. .

Specialized personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office continue with lateralization processes and obtaining the genetic profile to identify the victims.

Victims’ objects

It should be remembered that in the house owned by Andrés Filomeno experts located multiple objects related to the victims as photographs; INE credentials and other means of identity; notebooks, agendas, books; clothing; handbags and various objects; keys and jewelry.

In addition, videotapes and camcorder presumably with images of the victims; telecommunications equipment; scale, knife, machete, among others.

Andrés Filomeno Mendoza Celis was initially held in the Barrientos prisonbut now he is being held in the Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center of Tenango Del Valle, authorities from the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office recalled.

Being an older adult over 71 years of age, the assessment of the physical and mental state corresponds to the direction of this Center, in charge of the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico, who have the protection, insurance and surveillance of the accused. , pointed out authorities of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Elcomercio

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