WorldA policeman kills two robbers on a motorcycle who...

A policeman kills two robbers on a motorcycle who tried to rob him in Argentina | VIDEO


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An agent of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) killed two criminals in the last hours of Wednesday, after shooting with four assailants who tried to steal his belongings in the Buenos Aires town of Merlo, according to sources close to the force.


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Police spokesmen reported that an agent from the PFA Workshops Division was moving around the area, when it was intercepted at the corner of 1 de Mayo and Beruti streets, in said town in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, by four armed robbers who were traveling on two motorcycles and who intimidated him into handing over his belongings.

Faced with this situation, the police officer, who was dressed as a civilian, identified himself as such and there was a brief shootout with the criminals in which he killed one of them and wounded another with a bullet, while the rest of those involved escaped from the scene.

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According to a police report, the wounded assailant was transferred to the Eva Perón de Merlo hospital. Hours after his hospitalization, he would lose his life. Meanwhile, the agent he was unharmed of the armed confrontation and an investigative statement will be taken in the coming days.

He intervenes in the personal case of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 of the Morón Judicial Department, while members of the Merlo Departmental Headquarters of the Buenos Aires Police worked at the scene.


Source: Elcomercio

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