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Nicolás Maduro will not be at the inauguration of Gustavo Petro as president of Colombia

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroaffirmed this Tuesday that it does not seem prudent that the Venezuelan president, Nicholas Maduroattend his investiture, which will take place on August 7 in Bogotá.

Petro referred to this matter in an interview with W Radio, in which he also commented on the possibility of resuming diplomatic relations with Venezuelabroken from February 23, 2019 by order of Ripe amid an escalation of tensions due to the recognition of his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, to the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as interim president.

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In this sense, he reaffirmed that the current government is in charge of the investiture acts, but that he “It seems prudent” for Maduro not to attend because the resumption of relations is “a process of rebuilding many things,” that “it does not demand speed or symbolic things that are not the most important today.”

Last Saturday, Duke referred to the possible assistance of Maduro to the investiture of Petrowho will be the first left-wing president in Colombia, and said that as long as he is the president of the country, the Venezuelan ruler will not enter the national territory because he is not recognized as the legitimate head of state.

“It is not a matter of letting or not letting in, it is that Nicholas Maduro is not recognized by me as the legitimate president of Venezuela and as long as I am the president of Colombia, he will not enter Colombian territory as president of Venezuela.”he claimed.


In today’s interview, Petro also spoke about the conversation he had with Maduro after the elections, in which they did not talk about “specific issues.”

However, he said that “there are some priority issues: opening trade on the border, recovering the border for the two States -which implies running, cornering, dislodging the armed groups that are today on both sides of the border-, and the third has to do with Monomers”.

Monómeros is a petrochemical company with Colombian state participation and Petróleos de Venezuela, of which Guaidó came to have control in 2019 and is in legal disputes.

It is “the company that did in Colombia most of the fertilizers for agriculture, which we are now importing at prices three times higher than the prices that existed at the beginning of the crisis and that has produced the growth of all food prices”, commented Petro, which , as he said, has led to the “growth of hunger.”

For this reason, he added that when he assumes the Presidency he will promote the recovery of “the subsidized production of fertilizers in Colombia”, which right now depends on imports from Russia, with which he would be “solving a major issue at this time that it gives hope that it is the hunger”.

Source: Elcomercio

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