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They kidnap a boy when he went to school in Mexico; was taken from the hands of his mother | VIDEO

“Thank you, thank you for rescuing me!” shouted the 10-year-old boy who was kidnapped when he was going to school accompanied by his mother and who was released on Wednesday night in a joint operation between the Investigative Police of the District Attorney’s Office Mexico statethe Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico and municipal agents.

the mayor of HuehuetocaMilton Castañeda, told THE UNIVERSAL the joy of the minor to see that police from the State of Mexico came to rescue him from the house where he would have remained since Monday, the day he was kidnapped

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The intelligence work of personnel from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico and the state and municipal police made it possible to locate two addresses in San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, where in one house they found the child healthy and in good condition, he indicated. Mayor.

The moment of the kidnapping is recorded on video.

The video of the minor’s kidnapping went viral on October 12However, the abduction occurred on Monday, December 10, when the boy accompanied by his mother was on his way to primary school. Constituents of 17in the community of Puente Grande, very close to the municipal palace.

The recording shows how mothers walk hand in hand with their children on their way to school along a sidewalk in the streets of downtown Huehuetocawhen a small red Chevy-type car gets out, two thin men violently pull and take a child, along with his backpack and some of the mother’s belongings, and then flee.

Another mother who was walking behind with her son backed up and fled the scene together with her little one.

Source: Elcomercio

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