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Amnesty International says Biden administration must overturn decision to expand Title 42

The organization Amnesty International (AI) stated this Friday that the government of the president of USAJoe Biden, must annul the decision to expand Title 42, a measure announced by Washington this week that expels Venezuelan migrants from the United States to Mexico.

It’s a statement, AI stated that after the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela (R4V) revealed that there are 7.1 million Venezuelans seeking international protection, the decision came.

Look: Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants are returned from the US to Mexico after a new migration plan

“The government of Biden made the shameful announcement of a new plan to prevent access to asylum for Venezuelans seeking safety at the US border,” said the director of International Amnesty for the Americas, Erika Guevara-Rosas, in the report.

Although he recognized the important step taken by the Government of Biden in creating a new parole program for 24,000 Venezuelans, Guevara-Rosas indicated that AI “the extension of the application of Title 42 alarms him.”

“This new policy aimed at preventing Venezuelans from seeking safety at the border demonstrates once again that Title 42 has no basis in public health and runs counter to US and international obligations to uphold the right of all people to seek security”, he added.

In the note, the representative of AI He said that all people “have the right to seek safety, regardless of family or economic ties, and parole programs should not supplant the right to seek asylum.”

In addition, he stated that they are also concerned about the information in the media according to which the expansion of Title 42 “must also include people of Cuban, Haitian and Nicaraguan nationality.”

“We urge the Government of Biden to reconsider and to work diligently to end Title 42, instead of expanding it”Guevara-Rosas pointed out.

“Eradicating this deadly policy is a fundamental first step to restore asylum and preserve the human rights of asylum seekers, everything else is a band-aid that does not solve the problems that”, he finished.

This Friday, the Mexican government considered “positive” and “on the right track” the plan announced by the United States to contain the growing flow of migrants of Venezuela that contemplates the immediate deportation of Venezuelans to Mexico.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard highlighted in the daily government conference the 24,000 humanitarian permits that Washington will grant to Venezuelans arriving by air, although it will expel to Mexico those who arrive through the land border.

“Obviously we see it with sympathy and we believe that it is correct and correct, and that there are permits is a humanitarian status now for Venezuelans, but they have already told us that they will consider other nationalities later, we see it as positive,” said the official. at a press conference.

Source: Elcomercio

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