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Elon Musk issues catastrophic warning about war between Russia and Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war between Russia Y Ukraine eight months ago, the situation, far from improving, has only worsened: both the number of fatalities -increasing- and the wave of missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and the worrying statements by the leaders of both countries have been sowing, little by little, the fear of a possible nuclear war.

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The explosion on the Kerch bridge -which links the Crimean peninsula with Russian territory-, at the beginning of October; the 13,477 civilian victims recorded by the UN office up to August and the launch of Russian missiles against energy supplies from kyiv are just some of the events that show the scope of the conflict between the two countries.

So far, neither nation has shown signs of an end to the conflict; On the contrary, more and more experts are beginning to ask themselves: how far will Putin be willing to go to win in Ukraine? Is it possible that he could unleash the Third World War?

“What I fear most is the possibility of a nuclear conflict. And, secondly, I fear an endless war”, affirmed the veteran liberal politician Grigory Yavlinsky in dialogue with ‘BBC’.

The recent war episode between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. (iStock / GDA /)

Elon Musk issues catastrophic warning about war between Russia and Ukraine

For his part, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and, perhaps, one of the most powerful men on the planet, was also not far behind and decided to launch a catastrophic warning about the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine through a thread in your Twitter account.

“If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using nuclear weapons on the battlefield, it will choose the latter,” said the South African-American tycoon. And he added that: “Whether we like it or not, Crimea is absolutely seen as a central part of Russia by this country. It is of critical importance to Russia’s national security as it is its southern naval base. From his point of view, losing Crimea is like the United States losing Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.”

According to the predictions of the also founder of The Boring Company and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI, there is another factor that could trigger a nuclear war between Russia and Ukraine: “If Russia faces the destruction of its army and the total defeat of NATO -intergovernmental military alliance governed by the North Atlantic Treaty-, will use nuclear weapons”.

The consequences of a possible nuclear attack by the Russian government would be devastating for the billions of people in the world, largely due to the response that NATO would have.

“Then NATO will respond with nuclear weapons and civilization will be over. But hey, look on the bright side! At least Russia doesn’t have Crimea in that scenario,” Musk joked in the tweet.

Faced with the possibility that the United States would intervene, the businessman and investor showed an even more bleak scenario: “If we bomb Russia, they will bomb us and then we will have World War III.”

Of course, he made it clear that more than a theory, the Third World War could become a reality that is closer than ever. “Obviously, many disagree with this logic, but what do you think is your chance of being wrong about World War III? If they say 0 percent, they are completely dangerous fools,” Musk concluded before millions of followers.

The controversial statements of the American tycoon come after he threatened to withdraw the satellite internet service in Ukraine and then backed down by announcing that he will continue to finance the Starlink terminals – a company that was born as a SpaceX project for the creation of a constellation of internet satellites – which have been key elements in Ukraine’s fierce resistance and counter-offensives.

Although much has been speculated about a possible link between Musk and Putin -especially after Ian Bremer, founder and president of Grupo Eurasia, denounced the existence of a link between the two-, the businessman and investor has come out to deny the rumors.

“I spoke with Putin only once, 18 months ago. The issue we talked about was linked to space,” Musk clarified on October 11 in response to an article shared by ‘Vice’ magazine in which they claim that the executive director of SpaceX had a conversation with the Russian president.

By: “El Tiempo”, from Colombia / GDA

Source: Elcomercio

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