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Ephemeris of October 23: What happened in the world on a day like today

On an October 23, but 2002, 20 years ago, a Chechen commando takes hostage more than 800 people in the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow. The crisis ended with the Russian military intervention and the death of 169 people.


1520.- Charles I of Spain is crowned Emperor of Germany in Aachen.

1739.- Spain declares war on England.

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1812.- Napoleon’s Army begins its tragic withdrawal from Russia in Moscow.

1941.- The animated film “Dumbo” is released of Walt Disney.

1942.- The second allied offensive begins in El Alamein (Egypt), turning point of the war in North Africa, during World War II.

1956.- Popular uprising in Budapest against the communist regime and the occupying Soviet troops.

1977.- Ratified in a plebiscite Panama Canal Treatyby which the US undertakes to return sovereignty to the Central American country in the year 2000.

1989.- It is proclaimed the new republic of hungary eliminating the term “popular”, which put an end to the communist state implanted in 1948.

1991.- The Peace Treaty in Paris between the pro-Vietnamese authorities of Phnom Penh and the guerrillasending 12 years of civil war in Cambodia.

– Premiere in Spain of the film “Tacones Lejanos”, by Pedro Almodovar.

1992.- The Emperors of Japan, Akihito and Michiko arrive in Beijingin the first visit of the Japanese Imperial House to China in 2,000 years.

1998.- Wye Plantation Agreement (USA) between Benjamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat which included a new Israeli withdrawal from the occupied West Bank (13.1%) in exchange for security.

– The newspaper “El Plata” is founded in the Argentine city of La Plata.

1999.- Giulio Andreotti, seven times Italian prime minister, is acquitted by a court in Palermo of being part of the mafia for lack of evidence.

2000.- The return of former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos opens a crisis in Peru and causes the resignation of the first vice president, Francisco Tudela.

2001.- The IRA announces that it begins its disarmament which concluded in 2005.

– Apple launches its portable digital music media player, the iPod.

2004.- China celebrates its first bullfight in a Shanghai stadium.

– Brazil successfully launches the VBS-30 rocket prototype from the Alcántara Launch Center.

2007.- Former Argentine President Fernando de la Rúa is prosecuted for “culpable homicide” of five people during the social outbreak that at the end of 2001 led to his resignation from the presidency.

2009.- The United States formally requests the extradition of Roman Polanski from Switzerland.

2010.- A command armed assassinates in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) fifteen teenagers who were attending a party.

2011.- First democratic elections in Tunisiawhich wins the Islamist movement Al Nahda.

– The Argentine president, Cristina Kirchner, is re-elected with more than 53% of the votes.

2020.- The Galapagos National Park announces a record population figure for penguins (1,940) and Comorans (2,290) in the Galagagos Islands, both species in danger of extinction.

– After the final count, Luis Arce, from the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), is confirmed as the winner of the elections in Boliviawith 55.1 percent of the votes.

2021.- The president of Colombia, Iván Duque confirms the capture of Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, alias “Otoniel”the most wanted drug trafficker in the country, in the biggest blow to drug trafficking since the fall of Pablo Escobar in 1993, and which took place in the municipality of Necoclí (northwest Colombia).


1844.- Sarah Bernhardt, French actress.

1897.- Juan Ignacio Luca de TenaSpanish playwright.

1940.- Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, “Pelé”Brazilian football player.

1954.- Ang LeeTaiwanese film director and screenwriter.

1961.- Andoni Zubizarreta, Spanish footballer.

1972.- Kate del CastilloMexican actress.

1976.- Ryan ReynoldsCanadian actor.

1986.- Emilia CkarkeBritish actress.

1991.- Makoprincess of the Japanese imperial family.


1872.- Théophile GautierFrench writer.

1995.- Kiko LedgardPeruvian television presenter.

2011.- Begum Nusrat Bhuttomatriarch of the main Pakistani political dynasty.

2016.-Pete BurnsBritish musician and singer.

2019.- Santos JuliáSpanish historian.

2020.- Antonio BeneytoSpanish writer, painter and sculptor.

2021.- Alfredo Díez NietoCuban composer, musician and pianist.

Source: Elcomercio

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