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Barely appointed Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak annoyed by a party video? Caution

They may be human beings, but heads of state and government are rarely forgiven for their eccentricities. as was the case of Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, forced to apologize after the disclosure of a video showing her having fun in the evening.

This is what Rishi Sunak could see. Just appointed, the new Prime Minister is the subject of a campaign of mockery on social networks through a video that some describe as “compromising”. On the images, we see a man, strongly resembling Rishi Sunak, dancing during a party, under the sun and glass in hand.

On the French networks, the comments make fun of his choreography, implying that the man would not “turn only with clear water”: “Macron and Zelensky have a new flour friend”, mocks a surfer in a thinly veiled allusion to the cocaine whose two heads of state are often suspected of consumption by opposition Internet users.

Alexandre Benalla was responsible for spreading the video in France – Twitter screenshot

The video has had even greater resonance since it was shared by Alexandre Benalla, a former member of Elysée security and an expert in “eccentricities”.


Virtually unknown in France before his appointment, Rishi Sunak has been a political figure across the Channel for several years… like this video. Because if French Internet users are only discovering it today, it has already been talked about in the United Kingdom at the start of the year.

Originally, it was posted by Wayne Lineker on his Instagram account last January. Wayne Lineker is a well-known character in England. Brother of former football player Gary Lineker, he enjoys a rather sulphurous image after a conviction for fraud in 2006, which earned him more than two years in prison, and for his participation in a reality TV show.

He is now at the head of a bar chain, present in Spain, Turkey and Morocco.

A “look-alike” that has become a meme in the UK

Wayne Lineker had posted this video extract in reaction to the reopening of clubs and hotels in Ibiza, where he has an establishment. But without referring to the one who would become Prime Minister a few months later. It was some of his followers who pointed out the man’s resemblance to Rishi Sunak.

The image is of too poor quality to be sure of the identity of the person in the video. But certain elements (hair color, shape of the face, shape and size of the ears) make it highly doubtful that it could be the former financier.

Moreover in the United Kingdom, there seems to be a consensus that it is not the Prime Minister who appears on the video. The video has become a meme there under the name “Raving Rishi”, but the media calls it the “Rishi look-alike”.

A sort of snub to Rishi Sunak who has always declared that he does not drink alcohol and who was suspected, for a time, of having participated in the controversial evenings which took place in certain ministries during confinement.

If the origin of the video is unknown, we can assume that it was shot in the bar of Wayne Lineker in Ibiza by the orange glasses visible in the video and iconic of the establishment.

Source: 20minutes

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