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After the conviction of alias 19 in Colombia, the front line threatened the judge: “See you in the streets”

Sergio Pastor, head of the first line in the sector of the Americas, was sentenced this Monday by the justice of Colombia for torture and conspiracy to commit a crime for their coordinated actions in acts of vandalism and aggression against the public force in that area of ​​southwestern Bogotá, during the 2021 national strike.

Against the young man, who is known as alias 19there is film, photographic and testimonial evidence that implicates him in the detention of a bystander who, with the assumption that he belonged to the National Police, had his belongings stolen, beaten, injured with sharp weapons, tied to a tree, covered with paint and doused him with gasoline with the threat of setting him on fire.

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During the procedure in which he was sentenced, but whose sentence will be known this Tuesday, the judge in the case denounced threats by alias 19 and members of the front line.

“I am leaving a record of what they just left in the stagecoach chat, you can read it. I leave the pertinent records, madam prosecutor and Public Ministry, “said the judge.

“Judge, see you in the streets either to celebrate the victory of the people in the courtrooms or to organize what would be the most fucking revolution at the national level for freedom, non-oppression. See you in the streets, second 181 90 02 million against you or against you”, the judge read about the threat of the front line.

And the judge added: “There is the respective record in the diligence of what they are writing down, I do not know who would write it down, it says first line 8:48 in the morning so that it acts as a record in the diligence.”

In addition to aka 19, Marcela Ivonne Rodríguez Parra, Johan Steven Sainea Rubio and Fernando Urrea Martínez were convicted of the same crimes.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the 4th Specialized Court found that the investigating body demonstrated that these people agreed and acted in coordination to carry out different acts of vandalism, torture of individuals and attacks against the public force in the southwest of Bogotá.

”Alias ​​19 and the other sentenced, from April 28, 2021, gathered in makeshift camps in Kennedy and Bosa. At these points they stocked up on bottles, flammable liquids and chemical substances, which they used to confront the public force,” added the Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Elcomercio

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