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The secret Kremlin meeting that set off all the alarms in the United States

In full escalation of c tensionwar conflict between Russia and UkraineSenior US government officials were alarmed after discovering that the Kremlin had arranged a secret meeting. As reported New York Timesthe meeting was held to discuss when and how a tactical nuclear weapon could be used against kyiv, with the intention of countering the enemy advance.

The report prepared by the administration of Joe Biden, of which few details are known, states that President Vladimir Putin refrained from taking part in the talks with high-ranking military leaders. Also. he maintains the existence of great frustration on the part of the Russian generals.

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At the moment, the United States says it does not have enough evidence to accuse Putin of preparing its nuclear weapons for use. However, CIA director William Burns warned that Russia’s “potential despair” makes this increasingly a “likely scenario.”

“We have made it clear from the outset that Russia’s comments about the potential use of nuclear weapons are deeply concerning and we take them seriously. We continue to monitor this to the best of our ability.”, added the member of the National Security Council John Kirby.

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For its part, the Pentagon estimates that the Kremlin has an arsenal of up to 2000 tactical nukes, which are designed to be used on battlefields to overwhelm conventional forces. The resulting destruction would depend on both the size of the weapon and the winds at the time of launch.

Meanwhile, a senior adviser to President Joe Biden met this Friday in kyiv with President Volodimir Zelensky to reaffirm US support for Ukraine in its war against the Russian invasion, the White House reported.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Ukraine’s President, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, and Chief of Staff Andriy Yermak “to underscore the strong support of the United States for Ukraine and its people as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a Biden administration spokeswoman said in a statement.

military aid

In addition, the United States announced today the delivery of additional military aid for 400 million dollars to Ukraine, which includes the refurbishment of T-72 tanks and missiles for the HAWK air defense systems for kyiv.

The Pentagon spokeswoman reported that the country will pay for the renovation of 45 T-72 tanks from the Czech Republic and will finance the upgrade of some missiles for HAWK air defense systems.

Singh said that in addition to funding to refurbish HAWK missiles promised in the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), Soviet-era Czech tanks will be upgraded with “advanced optics, communications and armor packages.”

In addition, the purchase of 1,100 Phoenix Ghost tactical unmanned aerial systems and 40 armored river boats, among other capabilities, will be financed.

With information from AFP

Source: Elcomercio

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