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Videos captured Rautel Astudillo carrying the body of Ariadna Fernanda, according to the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office

The Public Prosecutor’s Office Mexico City looking for Rautel Astudillo, friend of Ariadna Fernanda López Díaz and boyfriend of Vanessa “N”, as an accomplice in the femicide of the 27-year-old girl, according to the investigative agency. Both possibly took Ariadna’s life in a home in the Condesa neighborhood.

“In follow-up to the investigation, we carried out a search, with judicial authorization, in the reference building in which, despite having been previously cleaned, experts from the Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services found, with evidence of luminescence, presence of blood on the living room floor and on a cushion, as well as in the bedroom,” said the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office.

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In addition, the videos show that on the morning of October 31, a man left an apartment carrying a woman who was unconscious and motionless on his shoulder, and then it was observed that the subject entered the parking lot and put her in the car. a truck.

Then, they put the body of the young woman in a private car to leave her in the area very close to Tepoztlan, Morelos, where she was found. Ariadne Fernanda.

Rautel He was a friend of Ariadna and was even at her wake demanding justice.

The capital prosecutor said that the migratory alert and red card were requested to locate Rautel.

Source: Elcomercio

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