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North Korea threatens a “merciless” military response to US and South Korean maneuvers

North Korea announced on Monday that it will respond to the joint maneuvers of USA Y South Korea with “sustained, firm and overwhelming” military actions, according to the official North Korean agency.

The warning occurs in the context of a series of missile tests made by Pyongyang in recent weeks, including the launch of four ballistic missiles on Saturday, days after United States and South Korea will conclude the largest aerial military exercises carried out to date.

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A statement from the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army indicated that “we will continue to respond to all maneuvers against (North Korea) from the enemy with sustained, firm and overwhelming practical military measures,” KCNA reported on Monday.

According to the agency, The north’s recent ballistic missile tests were a “clear response” to Washington and Seoul for their military exercises last week.

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“The more persistent the enemy’s provocative moves, the more thoroughly and mercilessly he counters them.” the North Korean military, added a statement released by KCNA.

Hundreds of US and South Korean warplanes, including B-1B bombers, took part in last week’s Storm Vigilante exercise.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said the exercise demonstrated “the ability and readiness to firmly respond to any North Korean provocation.”

Such exercises have drawn strong reactions from Pyongyang, which sees them as rehearsals for an invasion.

The recent wave of North Korean missile launches included an intercontinental ballistic missile and another missile that landed near the South’s territorial waters.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol called the action “a de facto territorial invasion.”

Source: Elcomercio

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