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Pro-Russians end organized evacuation of civilians in Kherson

The pro-Russian authorities installed by Russia in the Kherson region they ended today the organized evacuation from the right bank to the left of the Dnieper River, reported the deputy governor of the Ukrainian province, Kiril Stremoúsov.

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Today the last ship left the city of Kherson from the right bank that could take people to the left bank”he noted in a video message on his Telegram channel.

“We do not recommend returning to the city”he stressed after stating that the road from the left bank to the right bank has been closed.

He specified that residents who have not left the right bank will still be able to do so but on their own, although the authorities will try to provide them with all the necessary assistance.

Stremoúsov did not give figures for the evacuees, but in a first phase the interim governor, Vladimir Saldo, estimated that some 80,000 people had been transferred from the region to the left bank of the river.

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After recently expanding the radius of the affected area to 15 kilometers from the left bank, the objective of the authorities was to remove another 70,000.

The puppet authorities of Russia in Kherson They have not yet given a total number of evacuees nor have they revealed how many people remain in the regional capital, the only one in the hands of Russian forces since the start of the war campaign in Ukraine.

Stremousov said that upon reaching the left bank, residents of the region are picked up by buses and transported to the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, where volunteers receive them and distribute them in different Russian regions.

Hours before the Administration of the region of Kherson designated by Russia announced the suspension of the crossing of the Dnieper River by civilian vessels in the area of ​​the city of Kherson.

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“The temporary ban affects river taxis, barges and other vessels”, He pointed out and added that traffic was also suspended over a provisional pontoon bridge.

The measure does not extend to civilian vehicles and those that transport food and medicine, so according to the pro-Russian authorities, supplies will not be interrupted.

Source: Elcomercio

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