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Perpetrator of the Virginia Walmart shooting was a supermarket employee and committed suicide after the attack

The perpetrator of the shooting in a supermarket Walmart from Chesapeake, Virginia USAwhich occurred last night, in which six people were murdered, was a store employee who apparently committed suicide later, the police confirmed this Wednesday at a press conference.

As explained by Mark Soleski, police chief of Chesapeakethe town of Virginia where the event occurred, when the agents arrived at the supermarket, a few minutes after the first emergency call, they found the shooter already dead from a shot that, they believe, he did himself.

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Soleski confirmed the six deceased -seven with the author- and four injured who are admitted to hospitals in the area.

The police chief explained that the author of the shooting used a gun to shoot and did not give more details about himexcept that he was a man and an employee of the chain Walmartbut could not confirm if he was a supervisor or if he was working at the time.

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However, there are witnesses who already confirm this detail. Speaking to ABC, Briana Tyler, an employee at the store, said her supervisor entered the employee break room and opened fire on them.

“He didn’t say a word, he didn’t say anything, he just showed up and started shooting.” said this witness, who assured that the shooter was not aiming at anyone in particular but was shooting the first person in sight.

“He was the supervisor that everyone had, you know, something to say about,” This witness said of the shooter, who in any case pointed out that “nothing” indicated that he could end up committing a crime of this type.

The Police were alerted to the events at 22:12 local time on Tuesday (03:12 GMT on Wednesday), when the Walmart supermarket was still open.

A forty of emergency vehicles traveled to the place, where a huge police operation was also deployed, which remains in the store in the morning.

The police chief insisted at the press conference that all the evidence would have to be processed and witnesses spoken to before he could give more details.

Source: Elcomercio

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