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Former Olympic boxer arrested after threatening mass shooting at Miami gym

Former Haitian boxer Azea Augustama was arrested this Wednesday by the Miami Police, in South Florida (USA), after threatening to go on a shooting rampage at a local gym armed with a newly purchased assault rifle.

Augustama39, was arrested on two charges for issuing written threats to committing a mass shooting and threatening deathaccording to local newspapers today.

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The detainee had his first appearance before a court in the county of Miami-Dadein which Bail was set at three million dollars. and a strict house arrest of “total confinement” in case the amount is deposited.

“I think he represents a great danger to the community, as well as to the victims, in view of his actions and the threats that were made.”Judge Mindy Glazer said at the hearing.

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Born in Haitithe country he represented in the 2008 Olympicsheld in China, Augustama added 18 victories throughout his career as a professional boxer, during which he was known as the ‘Haitian Hitman’ (‘the Haitian hitman’).

Haitian boxer Azea Augustama (in red) punches his Ecuadorian rival Jorge Quiñones during their heavyweight bout on July 23, 2007 at the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007. (AFP PHOTO/Mauricio DUEÑAS).

The expugile, who moved to USA as a minor and graduated from North Miami Beach High School, He was a personal trainer at the BOXR gym, but his managers canceled his membership after an argument with a person inside the facilities and was even issued a temporary restraining order.

The owner of this establishment, Mario Attallatold the local channel WPLG that he was forced to cancel the ex-boxer’s membership, with the promise of returning his money, after getting rude to another coach over a small incident.

“He got a little angry and aggressive, so we had to pull him away and say, ‘Look, you can’t be talking to people like that,’ and he basically got mad.” he pointed Attalaafter adding that after that he had to tell him that he could not return to the gym.

On Tuesday Augustama contacted the Police in order to collect his belongings from the premises, and shortly after He began posting messages on his Instagram account saying he was considering committing a “mass shooting.”

In one of them, posted a photo of the Parkland High School shooter, with a caption that said he was “considering shooting.” to a number of people for being kicked out of the gym, including someone who accused him of “touching a girl”.

“He’s the first when I get my gun”, He wrote in another message on the social network, along with a photograph of a person, presumably with whom he had an altercation in the gym, while in another post he said that he was “willing to shoot with a real weapon or a bazooka.”

According to the authorities, on Tuesday afternoon Augustama went to a gun and jewelry store, where he made a $150 deposit to purchase an AK-47 rifle.. By then, the threats had been reported to the Miami Police Violent Crimes Unit.

After being approached by the officers, the ex-boxer confessed to being the author of the threats on the internet and that he had bought the rifle.

As the Miami Herald newspaper points out, Augustama began his boxing career at the age of 15, in state and national competitions, and made his professional debut in 2010 in the light heavyweight category.

His arrest occurs after Tuesday in Chesapeake, a town in Virginia, an employee of the Walmart supermarket chain and department stores killed six workers with a gun and then allegedly shot himself.

Before that, last weekend five people were killed in a shooting at an LGBT club in Colorado.

According to the Gun Violence Archive organization, so far this year there have been some 606 “mass shootings” in the US in which at least four people have been killed or injured.

Source: Elcomercio

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