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5-year-old boy survives a 3-meter python that bit him and dragged him into a pool

Child Australian Five-year-old survived a python the size of a small car that bit him, constricted him, and dragged him into a swimming pool.

The boy, called Beauwas playing on the edge of the pool in the city of Byron Bay, south of Brisbane (northeast), when a python three meters long He emerged from nearby vegetation, his father Ben Blake told Nine radio on Friday.

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“I think the python was kind of waiting there for some victim, a bird or something, and in the end it was Beau.”he continued.

The snake bit the boy, dragged him into the water and coiled around his leg. Quickly the 76-year-old grandfather jumped into the pool and pulled the grandson out of it, with the python still attached.

Then the father intervened to uncoil the snake and try to calm the situation. “I am not a small child, I released it in 15 or 20 seconds”, explained to the radio.

As Ben Blake explained, his son was recovering well: “Once we cleaned up the blood and I told him he wasn’t going to die because it wasn’t a poisonous snake, he was pretty good.”

Although he described the event as “a kind of ordeal”Blake also seemed unimpressed by the attack, saying snakes are a regular occurrence at this popular tourist destination and surfing mecca an eight-hour drive from sydney.

“Oh look! It is where we live. This is Australia”he claimed.

Source: Elcomercio

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