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Ephemeris of November 25: This happened in the world on a day like today

On November 25, but in 1960, the Mirabal sisters were assassinated by the regime of the dictator Rafael Leónicas Trujillo, in the Dominican Republic. The date was chosen to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


1491.- The agreement is signed by which Boabdil would hand over Granada to the Catholic Monarchs, last episode of the Reconquista. The surrender became effective on January 6, 1492.

1897.- In Spain, the liberal government of Práxedes Mateo Sagasta signs a decree granting the autonomy to Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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1915.- Albert Einstein presents the theory of relativity before the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

1965.- The head of the Congolese Armed Forces, Joseph Mobutu, carries out a coup and seizes power.

1970.- Yukio Mishima, one of the great writers of Japan, commits suicide by committing “harakiri”.

1973.- Greek Army officers, commanded by the head of the Military Police Dimitrios Ioannidis, overthrow the colonels’ regime.

1975.- Suriname declares its independence from the Netherlands.

1984.- The Colorado Party wins the first democratic elections in Uruguay after eleven years of dictatorship.

1986.- Unesco declares the cities of Toledo and Cáceres a World Heritage Sitethe Mudejar monumental complex of Teruel and the Garajonay Natural Park (all in Spain).

1987.- The president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, is awarded the Indira Gandhi Peace Prizein recognition of his proposals for disarmament.

– The Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes is awarded the Cervantes prize.

1988.- María Zambrano wins the Cervantes Prize for Literaturebecoming the first woman to obtain this award.

1991.- Japan is ahead of the world and begins to broadcast regular TV programming in high definition (HDTV).

nineteen ninety six.- The dramatist Antonio Buero Vallejo is awarded the National Prize for Spanish Letters.

1998.- The House of Lords rejects the immunity of Chilean General Augusto Pinochetfor which he may be prosecuted and extradited.

1999.- the cuban boy Elián González is rescued floating on a tireafter the boat in which they were fleeing to the state of Florida sank, a fact that caused a US-Cuba diplomatic crisis.

2002.- Washington creates the Department of Homeland Securitya “super-ministry” with the mission of combating terrorism.

2013.- The official Juan Orlando Hernández wins the presidential elections in Honduras.

2017.- Thousands of people march in Spain in the largest demonstration against sexist violence and to demand the judicial protection of women.

2019.- Overwhelming victory of the pro-democrat bloc in the Hong Kong local electionsafter the previous protests registered in this Chinese city under special administration.

– The Constitutional Court of Peru votes in favor of the release of opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, in pretrial detention while being investigated for alleged money laundering.

2021.- Interpol elects Ahmed Naser Al Raisi as presidentEmirati general accused of torture.

– The Spanish-Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa is elected a new member of the French Academy.


1562.- Felix Lope de VegaSpanish playwright and poet.

1845.- José María d’Eca de QueirozPortuguese novelist.

1881.- Angelo Giuseppe RoncalliPope John XXIII.

1914.- Joe DimaggioAmerican baseball player, ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe.

1915.- Augusto Pinochetformer president of Chile.

1951.- Arturo Pérez-ReverteSpanish writer and journalist.

1953.- Manuel HidalgoSpanish journalist and writer.

1955.- “Ramoncín” (José Ramón Martínez), Spanish singer.

1960.- John F. Kennedy, son of the assassinated US president.


1560.- Andrea DoriaGenoese admiral and statesman.

1885.- Alfonso XIIKing of Spain.

1958.- Victor de la Serna y EspinaSpanish writer and journalist.

2016.- Fidel Castro, leader of the Revolution and former president of Cuba.

2017.- Julio CabralesNicaraguan poet.

2020.- Diego Armando MaradonaArgentinean soccer player.

Source: Elcomercio

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