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Anguished search for three fishermen who disappeared in the Pacific Ocean

Ninety hours complete the Navy of Colombia looking for three Colombian men who disappeared in the general area of ​​the South Pacific of Nariño, when the boat in which they were carrying out the fishing operation capsized on November 19, at night.

According to the Navy, the shipwreck occurred due to the difficult meteorological conditions recorded at that time, causing its four crew members to drift in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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One of the crew, who managed to stay afloat, was rescued by a fishing boat that was navigating through the sector in the early hours of the morning of November 20, which informed the authorities about what had happened. expressing that the rescued fisherman had burns on his body, a product of the fuel spilled during the incident.

The crew member rescued by the fishing boat was taken to Gorgona Island, where a Colombian Navy helicopter evacuated him to the port of Buenaventura – Valle del Cauca, to receive the required medical attention.

“Once the information was received, the Colombian Navy immediately deployed air and maritime units to the scene of the events to begin the search and rescue operation for the three fishermen who are still missing; At the same time, he established contact with the boats that transited through the area and with the community to report on what had happened. and request support in the work that allows us to find the whereabouts of these people,” explained the Navy.

To these search efforts, the Pacific Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center was added, which establishes models of currents and tides in the area, to designate the search quadrants.

The Colombian Navy invites the community to report any event that endangers the human safety of sea users to the Coast Guard emergency line 146 or through VHF Marine Channel 16.

Source: Elcomercio

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