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A Spanish doctor diagnoses a heart attack in a woman on time thanks to the Apple Watch

Years ago Manzana puts all its efforts into developing services and functions for its devices that prevent health problems for its customers. The last known case of a person who has benefited from this work is that of a woman who was treated by the Spanish doctor Blanca Santos Martín. She was able to save his life thanks to the gadget. The history is viral in Spain.

The history viral It begins in Navalacruz, a small town at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos which, like many other towns in Spain, receives thousands of visitors during the summer. The small town has a registered population of 247 inhabitants but last September there were thousands of people in its streets celebrating their patron saint festivities. This saved a person’s life.

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One of those visitors was Blanca Santos Martin, cardiologist in her first year of residency at the La Princesa hospital in Madrid. Blanca had come to town to spend a few days with friends and family and one night she received a call on her phone. The aunt of one of her friends was not feeling well and I had chest pain. When she arrived, Blanca verified that it was a pain compatible with a heart attack.

Diagnose a heart attack with an Apple Watch

The ambulance in the town of Navalacruz is equipped with an electrocardiograph, which is the device that measures the electrical activity of the heart and allows an accurate diagnosis to be made. But, upon arriving at the patient’s house, Dr. Santos discovered that the appliance did not work.

But far from lamenting the inoperability of the device, Dr. Santos recalled that during her medical studies she had attended several talks by the renowned Dr. Miguel Ángel Cobos Gil, in which he spoke of the possibility of use the apple watch as a diagnostic deviceand decided to get down to work and test it to make an accurate diagnosis.

“My Apple Watch is not one of the latest models, so does not have an electrocardiographbut a relative of mine who was also in town those days did have a model equipped with one”Dr. Santos told El Mundo.

Apple Watches can save lives. (Photo: Pexels)

“I took three leads with the watch in different parts of the body (from the left wrist to the right wrist, which is the usual Apple Watch, and from the left ankle to the right and left hand) and the graph clearly It pointed out that he was facing a heart attackthe lower face of the heart was being compromised”he added.

With the information from the electrocardiogram, Dr. Santos asked the ambulance to take the patient to the Salamanca hospital, located a little further than the one in Ávila, but where there is the possibility of opening the artery. A few days later the woman had recovered and she was able to return home.

Apple and his apps electrocardiogram

Apple makes it clear when opening the apps EKG on Apple Watch that the function does not detect heart attacks. It is a tool designed to take measurements that can help a doctor to obtain a more complete vision of the patient’s health. It can also detect cases of atrial fibrillationwhich is a type of arrhythmia that can be indicative of other heart diseases.

Source: Elcomercio

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