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The cruel murder of a fan girl of the Argentine national team moves Bangladesh

Alina Islam Ayat (5) disappeared on November 14 shortly after leaving her home, located in a small town in Bangladesh, in the direction of a mosque. After days of intense search, only parts of the body of the small fan of the selection could be recovered Argentina.

As the alleged perpetrator of the murder, local police arrested Abir Ali (19). During the interrogation of the security forces, the young man revealed details related to the murder of the minor and the reasons behind the kidnapping. He according to him specified Bangladesh News 24, Abir was a tenant in the house where the five-year-old girl lived.

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The product of a stay of several months in the residence, he had a good relationship with the Ayat family and had earned their trust. But he had no job or resources, and in mid-November he was determined to kidnap someone for ransom.

Unfortunately, he came across the girl. When he saw her leave her house towards the place of worship – where he was studying Arabic – he quickly approached her, picked her up in her arms and took her to the home of an acquaintance of hers. Even though everything was going according to plan, Abir was seized with panic.

But he panicked he decided to strangle the little girl, cut her into pieces and throw them into the sea.

Alina Islam Ayat, the little fan of Argentina who was kidnapped and murdered in Bangladesh

Simultaneously, Sohail Rana -Alina’s mother- distributed flyers throughout the town in the hope of getting information about her daughter’s whereabouts. Her father reported her disappearance at the police station, claiming that he would start the search for the little girl in open fields and by analyzing surveillance cameras.

It would not be until last Friday that, after the arrest of the suspect, he himself would lead authorities to a drain near the gate on Akmal Ali Road and then to the seashore in the bay terminal area near Outer Ring Road. It was there that Alina’s body could be recovered.

The other elements that prove the story told by the alleged murderer are the discovery of a cane used to hit the girl -which had been hidden high up in a tree- a sandal that belonged to him and the SIM card that the young man would have used to call the family and demand the ransom.

Source: Elcomercio

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